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Guanglian Technology Services (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.
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About Jialian

About Jialian

Jialian Payment was established on May 19, 2009, with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. It is a third-party payment institution approved by the People's Bank of China to grant the "Payment Business License".

Jialian Payment is a well-known third-party payment company in China. It focuses on providing corporate users with acquiring services and personal payment services to individual users. At the same time, it has accumulated rich experience in third-party payment operations to provide customers with value-added services. Specific services include: merchant acquiring, personal payment (offline convenience payment, mobile payment) and value-added financial services, etc..

Jialian Payment is in a stage of sustained rapid development. It has established strategic partnerships with most commercial banks across the country. Its acquiring business covers 337 cities across the country, covering millions of merchants. At the same time, it has over 5 million registered individual users such as mobile clients. The transaction volume is nearly 1,000 billion. Since its establishment, Jialian Payment has continued to make progress in its main business, continuously enriching acquiring products, expanding value-added services, and striving to become a small and medium-sized enterprise to provide "safe, convenient and intelligent small and micro services!"

Industry development

Industry development

With the increase in the penetration of mobile payment scenarios, residents' consumption habits have become more dependent on payment terminal transactions. In 2017, the total number exceeded 30 million units, an increase of over 288% year-on-year. In the same year, there were 9,8148,000 merchants with market entities across the country, which was much higher than the number of online POS terminals. The promotion of the interests of commercial banks, the larger scale of potential special merchants, and the equipment replacement needs of existing merchants have all provided impetus to the continuous growth of the number of payment terminals.

In 2017, the total transaction size of non-financial acquiring service institutions reached 25 trillion yuan, an increase of 19% over the same period. Jialian paid 325.2 billion in transactions from January to August in 2017, an increase of 47% in the same period in 2018.

Far surpassing the development speed of the industry. In November 2017, Jialian was acquired by Xin Guodu. After entering the capital market, Jialian's future development will continue to grow steadily.

development path

Service Introduction

Initially established in 2009

1. Established on May 19, 2009;

2. In 2011, the registered capital increased to 105 million yuan.

2012 rapid growth period

Obtained the "Payment Business License" in June 2012;

In the same year, the scope of business was expanded to the whole country.

2015 exploratory development period

1. In 2015, Jialian established 30 provincial branches with more than 500 employees;

2. Established a direct business team, with daily transaction turnover exceeding 2 billion;

3. Establish an internet finance team to explore business in the field of payment finance.

M&A and listing in 2017

1. The registered capital is increased to 200 million yuan;

2. In June 2017, the "Payment Business License" was renewed successfully;

3. In November 2017, Xin Guodu shares wholly acquired Jialian for 710 million yuan.

Stable development period in 2018

1. Launch the "Jialian Partners" platform to accelerate the realization of traffic and break the single business income;

2. In August 2018, successfully launched the "Vertical Flash Merchant Edition" to create a new model for the MPOS industry;

3. Value-added services are launched to provide open and convenient payment services.




Qualification Certificate

about us

About us

Established in 2014, Guanglian Group is the core institution of many payment companies and the authorized core agent of Jialian Payment. It is a technology service company that mainly engages in POS machine receipts, custom development of cash register systems, and payment interface docking. The company is a team with high-quality, professional talents, and a large number of professionals with rich industry experience. The formation of cooperative alliances in strategic alliances and the mutual promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation with external professional resources provide customers with the most thoughtful service.The main products are: vertical brush pos machine, vertical brush electric signature version, etc. Do you want to choose a personal pos machine of your own? Consult us quickly.

About the certificate

Team building activities

common problem

common problem

Our advantage?

1. Brand support

Jialian Payment relies on the close strategic cooperation relationship with China UnionPay and major commercial banks to ensure that it provides customers with safe, convenient and considerate payment services.

2. Payment platform

Jialian Pay has invested heavily in building a strong technology research and development team, and built a stable and efficient risk control platform, merchant management platform, terminal management platform and other IT systems to escort efficient services.

What are the payment service solutions?

According to the payment needs of major customers in the industry, Jialian customizes different settlement solutions and provides personalized services.

Our talent team?

Jialian Payment has core management and technical backbones, all from UnionPay, major commercial banks and other financial fields, and possess excellent management skills and expansion capabilities.