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Electric sign version K300

Electric sign version K300

Configure electronic signatures, touch the screen and generate electronic receipts after signing, support designated MCC, and are dedicated to personal card maintenance. Configuration code: KM99300GW-DRT, support GPRS+WIFI function, power supply: 5V--1A....

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Electric sign version K300

Smooth and flat surface, more comfortable grip

Support designated MCC, dedicated for personal card

The model of this pos machine is the electric sign version K300,The rate is: 0.53%+3 flash payment 0.38%. Configuration code:KM9300GW-DRT, supports GPRS+WIFI function. Power supply: 5V--1A. K300 belongs toVertical brush electric sign version. Its configuration electronic signature, touch screen, generate electronic receipt after signing.
The appearance has contactless area, display screen, function keys: on/off key, keys from one to zero, cancel key, and clear key. The left side of this vertical brush pos machine is connected with MICROUSB for charging, and the right side is a lanyard hole. The front of this machine is white, and the back is blue. The brand name is printed on the front: Lishu. And the service hotline: 952005. This design allows customers to quickly help customers solve problems that need to be dealt with without having to look for phone numbers when encountering difficulties. If the equipment fails, please contact professional pos machine maintenance personnel, users and other people who do not have pos maintenance and third parties are not allowed to repair the equipment without authorization.
The surface of this machine is smooth and flat, and the grip is more comfortable. It satisfies the needs of various applications such as express delivery, small vendors, and smart travel, and is very popular and favored by the market.

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Brand: Vertical BrushProduct name:Electric sign version K300
Configuration code: KM99300GW-DRT
Power supply: 5V--1A

Electric sign version K300

The left side of the product has a MICROUSB connection for charging, and the right side is a lanyard hole

Electric sign version K300

Support GPRS+WIFI function

Electric sign version K300

Configure electronic signature, touch screen to generate electronic receipt

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