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Can the low-rate pos function work?

Some people will always ask:Low-rate pos machineDoes it work? Soon, I received feedback from many users, saying that I have always received unfamiliar calls recently, maliciously scaring them that the POS brand they are using cannot be used. The low rate of new machines and free registration for old users are the reasons why users jump in. A trap arranged by a liar. In the current Internet age, everyone’s personal information is flooded, and such fraudulent calls are particularly numerous. The scammers clearly know the name and detailed identification information, as well as a certain POS machine they are using.

Nowadays, there are more and more types of POS machines on the market, but the machine rates of different brands are different. For ordinary credit card users, their choice is low. If you often use a low-rate POS machine, it is a loss from the bank's point of view. If you are a member of a bank and you have been losing money, what measures will you take? Perhaps an answer has emerged in your mind, that is: derating and suspending the card.

We are all talking about normal POS machines. Before the 96 fee change, the credit card rate of each merchant was determined by the industry category and merchant type. Whether acquiring companies exploit preferential loopholes or circumvent the rules of bank cash detection, code skipping still exists. Commonly referred to as "code hopping". It means that if you go to a restaurant for a meal, then it should be the industry code of 5812, but it jumps out of the industry code of the piano shop, then your credit card behavior will be judged as abnormal.

How to separate the first cleaning machine and the second cleaning machine? Looking at the transaction details, the first clearing machine means that the payment party is a third-party payment platform with a payment license, and the second clearing machine is that the payment party is an individual or a general company. Can the low-rate pos function be used? The answer is yes, provided that you choose a regular one clean machine.

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