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What should be paid attention to when joining the pos machine

Some people will ask what should be paid attention to when pos machine agents join as agents? Next, I will explain the six scams to beware of POS machine agent franchising.

With the rapid development of society, the POS machine acquiring payment industry is also constantly developing. More and more people join the POS machine agent. However, all kinds of scams will follow, making people hard to guard against. Perhaps, many people in the previous era would not pay attention to this issue. But for agents who do pos machines, no matter what age they are, they need to pay attention to one big point. That is after-sales service. There are many small points in it. For example: machine guarantee, maintenance, replacement system, agent back office, etc. Does the agent or the purchased product have an advantage? Whether to support TT+, how many types of rates, and the time of receipt will be involved. In-depth understanding and investigation of the POS machine market, let customers feel whether your products are cheap, regular and easy to use.

Let you understand the flow of funds: the tripartite company first goes to the company account → UnionPay settlement → merchant binding card. The UnionPay channel directly goes to UnionPay settlement → merchant binding card. There is an intermediate merchant between the user and UnionPay. Although there will always be some people who use the POS machine to join the agency as an excuse to create a scam to implement fraud. But this is still an industry that can continue to make profits.

If you are more optimistic about joining the POS machine as an agent, you need to keep your eyes open and be cautious when choosing an agent brand and company. If you choose a pos machine, you can't blindly pursue interests, and you should choose a large company with complete qualifications, good reputation, complete staffing, and strong strength. Doing so is a good way for you to reduce risks.

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