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How to choose a POS machine for credit card raising

Keeping a card is very important for a credit card. Choosing a safe and efficient POS machine is also very important for keeping cards. To raise the amount of a credit card, start with the machine selection.

The quality of the POS machine depends on the quality of the merchant. It is too important for the card reader to skip the code! If you spend offline in the same area, but skip the code and jump across the country, isn't it clear to tell the bank that the credit card consumption is abnormal? The card swiped in this way has a high chance of being blocked. In other cases, merchants always skip codes for public welfare merchants, preferential merchants, and card points cannot accumulate. Later, the opportunity to exchange points for gifts and redeem points is wasted! With the function of self-selecting merchants, we can swipe the card to get it. Pertinence, so as to avoid the risk of card sealing. The more important thing is that we must choose a high-quality agent, otherwise you can't find someone after the pos machine has any problems, and you will incur immeasurable losses.

How to raise the credit card amount? If you want the bank to give a higher limit, then you should try to avoid spending with those merchants that do not carry points. Because the bank wants to make money, if you don't bring points, it proves that the bank can't make money, and it won't give you a higher limit.

So, how should we choose a POS machine to raise the credit card amount? The next two will tell you about it. First of all, we should try our best to choose a large pos machine with a small ticket. The second is to use Bluetooth and hand-swiped pos machine for auxiliary consumption. Third, it is necessary to simulate real consumption to swipe the card, and avoid using the POS machine that jumps to the merchant's jump area. Fourth, refuse to pay for large amounts of credit card consumption. Fifth, try to use pos machines without points as little as possible.

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