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Vertical brush pos machine

With the increasing number of credit card users, the frequency of use is also increasing. POS machines provide many convenient services for credit card holders. Therefore, there are more and more POS users, and the number of stand-up POS machines is also increasing year by year.

The stand-alone POS machine has many advantages. Among them, it is famous for raising the card to raise the amount. There are countless cases of raising the amount. At the end of the year, the risk control of bank credit cards has been upgraded. Locate the pos machine of the local business. The vertical brush pos machine has high-quality merchant quality, what does this mean? This happens to explain a truth, that is: it is destined to become a representative of raising cards.

The Shenzhen Central Branch of the People's Bank of China issued a reply on "Jialian Payment, a POS machine brand, was acquired by Xin Guodu, a manufacturer of pos machines", and agreed to change the main investor and actual controller of Jialian Payment. This shows that Jialian Pay has completely belonged to the new capital.

On December 7, 2017, Shenzhen New Guodu Technology Co., Ltd. agreed to the company's acquisition of Jialian Pay for 710 million yuan in cash. China Guangfa Bank issued a notice to tighten the card limit at the end of the year, and China Guangfa Bank began a large-scale derating. For cards with a limit of about 30%, the limit of consumption will only be reduced by half of the limit on a day. .

From the perspective of the development of the POS machine industry, borrowing money has become a general market demand, and users have high acceptance of loan products and a large demand, and consumer financial products have "breaking the circle" in the domestic payment business track. Please standardize the use of cards for standing POS machines.

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