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Vertical brush electric sign version

2020 can be described as a new opportunity for pos machine agency. The vertical brushing and signing version is a multi-functional mobile payment terminal newly created by Jialian Pay.Vertical brush electric sign versionIt is an important carrier for building a "mobile financial ecological chain".

Next, let’s compare the vertical brush and the hand brush to have a more in-depth understanding. If you compare the appearance of the electric signature with the hand brush, it seems that the vertical brush electric signature version pos machine has a greater chance than the hand brush pos, but the electric signature version can be carried and placed in the bag. For comparison in operation, the hand swiping POS machine needs to be connected to the mobile phone's Bluetooth to operate the swipe card, and the APP can be downloaded on the mobile phone to be able to swipe the card transaction. The electric sign-off version of the pos machine can not only install a flow card but also support WIFI connection, which is fully functional and intelligent. The key is that a machine can be directly operated, and small invoices and bills can also be issued. Clear at a glance, convenient and fast.

The warning given here, as an agent, should pay attention to: Nowadays, the major payment companies have introduced a lot of different types of POS machine policies. Therefore, when choosing a platform, agents should choose carefully and refrain from being deceived by rhetoric or greedy for temporary gains. As a merchant, you should pay attention to: choose the electric sign-off version of the POS machine or the mobile phone POS machine. First of all, you must be sure to choose a regular machine; second, choose the machine and service provider that suits you from the quality, rate, and after-sales service of the merchant. Please remember that after-sales service is very important. Find the right agent, otherwise the machine will disappear without a trace tomorrow.

Whether it’s the signature version or other versions, each has its own merits, and the one that suits you is more important.

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