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Can individuals apply for pos machines?

Can an individual apply for a POS machine? Have you ever had such a problem? Let me answer you. Of course, individuals can apply for POS machines. No matter what type of model it is, large pos machine or small pos machine can be handled. Personal mobile payment terminals began to rise on a large scale in 2014. With this trend, individuals can also handle personal POS machines.

Let’s introduce some suggestions for credit card users to use personal POS machines. Quick payment, also known as cardless payment, does not require equipment, and is done by swiping the card through mobile phone software or some type of payment program. Pay attention to the time between card swiping: Do not swipe the card more than 3 times in a short time on the same card on the personal POS machine, and swipe the card at separate times. This situation often occurs: many card friends use the same card to swipe the card continuously in a short time on the personal pos machine, maybe five or six swipes in a few minutes. As a result of doing this, the banking system will think that the cardholder is abnormal when swiping the card, and it is easy to risk control of the credit card. So please do not swipe your card multiple times in a short period of time.

If a customer wants to choose an agent to purchase a POS machine, first of all you have to see whether the payment company has a license in the central bank and whether it has the qualification for bank card acquiring. See if the agent can provide the back-end, and the transaction information can be inquired in the back-end to ensure that the settlement card bound to the back-end is the customer's own.

In foreign countries, it is legal for personal POS machines to cash out, and the national cash out rate is generally around 1%. We can understand that in China, credit cards are used for consumption, and can only be used for consumption. In foreign countries, credit cards are personal credit products and can be used freely.

Personal POS machines at home and abroad may be different, but in general, personal POS machines can be handled at home and abroad, but their respective positionings are different.

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