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Is there any risk in pos machine free handling?

Do you want to apply for a pos machine, but stop at others saying that it is risky to apply for a pos machine for free. Do you think all POS machines are at risk? Then you are so wrong.

What are the risks of free pos machines from improper institutions? 1. There are many cases on the Internet. The illegal organization modifies the oos machine and then sends it out for free, but after activation and use, it will steal your bank card information and steal your money unknowingly, so choose a regular POS machine Very important. 2. Some free POS machines are given out, and the rate is still very low. They are actually code skipping machines. After this kind of machine is used, it is very likely that the credit card will be derated and sealed, and it will cause a big trouble if it is small and cheap.

It is recommended that you use a vertical brush pos machine. Because the fee rate of the vertical brushing pos machine is as low as 5+3 seconds, if the rate was 0.68 before, then you can save 18 yuan for renewal by brushing 10,000, and 100,000 is the handling fee of 180 and 1,000 yuan. Below, the QuickPass rate is 0.36. Not only that, we also come with GPS positioning function, and can even intelligently land to local merchants based on your card time and card location, without skipping codes, and card with points.

So why can I apply for POS machines for free? In fact, there are several reasons for the free application: 1. Generally, hand brushes are sent in the market, so the cost is not high. In order to seize the market, agents use the way of sending to attract customers. 2. Free delivery of POS machines for free does not mean that there is no profit. Activation of cash back and credit card sharing are the main sources of revenue for agents. As long as the user completes the activation on time, the agent will have a profit. 3. In order to occupy more market, we encourage offline agents to send POS machines. The headquarters has a cash back policy, which can send one when activated.

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