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UnionPay POS machine processing-credit card withdrawal skills

If you want the POS machine to increase the amount quickly, first, after the UnionPay POS machine is processed, you need to master the following skills.

How do I increase the amount when I use the UnionPay POS machine? 1. Large consumption, multiple consumption, even if the card is empty, it does not matter. This empty card refers to a card that needs to be used for at least half a year to a year. 2. Appropriate staging, about 3-6 stages is the best. The fate of swiping cards: First, swiping stars, the higher the star rating, the faster the rate of increase; second, financial management; third, deposits; fourth, pay on behalf of wages.

Friends who hope to increase the credit card limit quickly, remember to swipe more when you have time. Swipe 20-30 transactions per month, small high-frequency consumption, the bank recognizes as a high-quality user. Swipe 1-2 transactions per month, large and low-frequency consumption, the bank recognizes as a cash user.

Use the UnionPay POS machine to use it as a savings card. Recharge 2W into the credit card. The more the amount, the better. The bank's raising techniques include: 1. The curve raising method is actually a method of picking up leaks; 2. The charging method, in fact, refers to the normal running of the water and the brushing of the running water. Use the POS machine to make multiple purchases, and you can use as much money as you deposit. If you pay for one month, then you may receive a call from the bank customer service asking you to raise the amount. Even if there is no customer service contacting you, you can still call the bank to apply for a withdrawal.

How to raise the card and raise the amount for the UnionPay POS machine? What is the strategy? Next, I will inform you: 1. Preparation for the number of credit card transactions, reaching about 15-25; 2. Preparation for merchants, at least 10 or more merchants in the food, clothing, housing and transportation industry each month; 3. Preparation for consumer credit cards, at designated merchants every month Consumption; 4. Credit card consumption during ICBC activities and overseas credit card consumption. Have you learned these raising techniques?

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