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A quick guide to the opening of Weiwei Loan! Don't know, hurry up and collect it!

The birth of WeChat has made our social interaction easier and simple. With the development in recent years, WeChat has also launched many new applications, such as the personal credit loan product WeChat launched by WeChat, which is now very popular.

Although Weiwei loan has been launched for some time, because Weiwei loan is currently only open to some people, there are still a large number of people who do not have Weiwei loan. So how can Weiwei loan be activated? Let's take a look.

Microfinance loan opening process

1. First log in to WeChat and click on the "I"-"Pay" option in the lower right corner of the WeChat page;

2. On the payment page, find the entry of "Micro Loan Loan" and click to enter;

3. Check the "Agree to WeBank to query the authorization agreement and loan related agreements of the People's Bank of China's credit investigation record" on the Weizhongdai page, and then you can activate Weizhongdai.

After the opening of Weiwei Loan, the system will grant the user a credit line within a certain range according to the user’s personal qualifications. When the user has a funding need, click on the "Borrow" option on the Weiwei loan page, enter the loan amount within the credit line, and select For the installment period, just follow the instructions on the page in order. After the loan is successful, the loan amount will be directly transferred to the bound bank card account.

Why does Weiweidai fail the audit?

1. The approval requirements are not met, and the user's personal comprehensive situation does not meet the borrowing requirements. During the review of Weiweidai, it will refer to the user's comprehensive situation. If the user's comprehensive situation does not meet the loan requirements, the user's review will fail.

2. The user has a bad record and failed to repay the payment on time, which led to the audit failure.

If you want to pass the review of Weiwei Loan, you must first make sure that when you borrow money, you will repay the loan on time and that you have not overdue. For those who have overdue records, the audit is likely to fail.

3. There is an error in the real-name authentication information. If the user's personal information such as ID card number, mobile phone number, etc. does not match the real situation when applying for the micro loan, there may be an error in the real-name authentication information.

What are the tips for opening a microfinance loan?

Although there is no other way for users to actively apply for microfinance loans, there are some ways to increase the probability of activation:

1. Improve personal information

Some people have not managed WeChat since they opened WeChat. In fact, Weixindai has clearly stated that only when personal information is complete can Weixindai be activated. For example, real-name authentication of QQ and WeChat, and binding real-name bank cards and mobile phone numbers, if the credit card repayment record in the past 6 months is good, will be the icing on the cake.

2. Use WeChat to pay more for consumption and repayment

Weizhongdai is a credit loan product of WeBank. Bank loan business pays more attention to flow. More use of WeChat payment can increase WeChat flow. More flow shows that users have a certain economic strength. In addition, you can also use WeChat to bind credit card repayments, and the on-time repayment records will also be considered by Weixindai as a proof of good credit status.

3. Buy more financial products

If you have sufficient funds, buy some funds, insurance, and wealth management products, and save money to collect interest, then the micro loan can be opened after a period of time.

4. Keep a good credit report, don’t overdue

Maintaining good personal credit is very important, because the "white list" is comprehensively evaluated by Tencent Big Data and the central bank's credit investigation. If you have overdue or outstanding debts, it will affect the opening of your micro loan.

Relatively speaking, Weiweidai is still a reliable loan platform, and users can apply according to their own needs.

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