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Don't want to lose, you need to understand these 6 credit card knowledge!

In the process of using a credit card, if you don't know some little knowledge, it may cause certain economic losses. Next, the editor will talk with you about the "those little things" about credit cards.

01 Annual fee deducted

The credit card annual fee waiver rules of various banks should not be considered as little known, as long as you call the customer service to inquire. Ordinary cards can basically be offset by the number of purchases, amounts, and even points. However, in many cases, if the annual fee of this type of general card does not meet the bank's annual fee waiver requirement, you can call the customer service and resolutely request the bank to reduce it. The attitude is very important!

After all, the bank wants us to continue to use the card to make profits, not to earn this annual fee, so some banks will give another period, generally within 30 days if the annual fee deduction standard is met, it will be deducted. The annual fee deducted will be refunded.

02High credit card limit is valuable

Different banks have different withdrawal rules. Generally speaking, go to the points-based locations encouraged by banks such as supermarkets and supermarkets to swipe your card. The higher the single swipe amount, the better. Try to spend as much as possible every month, and do some installment and cash withdrawal in due course. Or just make the minimum payment. Every three months or six months, the card user is allowed to actively apply for a withdrawal.

03Loan Credit Card

In principle, bank credit cards cannot be borrowed. In fact, neither banks nor merchants can control credit card lending. However, it is very troublesome if credit card funding disputes occur, so try to avoid lending credit cards to others.

04 back card signature

There is a signature box on the back of the credit card, and many card friends deliberately refuse to sign because of information leakage. The bank stipulates that the back of the credit card must be signed, otherwise the cardholder will bear certain responsibilities in the event of fraudulent use. The signature is as important as the password, and some card masters also encourage cardholders to set the card to spend only on the signature, so that it is advantageous to the cardholder for disputes.

But we still want to be good citizens. According to bank regulations, the credit card must be signed, and the consumption method must be set to password and signature.

05 Stolen Brush

After discovering that the credit card has been stolen, if the card is with you, it is best to make a transaction at the nearest store and keep it as evidence, and then call the bank customer service phone as soon as possible to explain the stolen card. The bank's compensation is also limited, and the compensation varies according to different card types of Pujinbai.

06 Cherish the interest-free period

The annual interest rate of credit card interest conversion is as high as 20% or more, and it is best to be able to repay the full amount during the interest-free period.

Whether the consumption on the day of credit card accounting is counted as the interest-free period depends on the bank, so if you look at the longest interest-free period, you can use it after that day.

In short, deducted annual fees, loans, signatures, stolen swipes, etc. will often occur in our daily card use. Friends need to understand clearly to prepare for emergencies, otherwise it is likely to cause some unnecessary losses.

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