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The credit card is overdue for a few days on personal credit

Credit investigation records an individual's past credit behaviors, which will affect the individual's future economic activities. These behaviors are reflected in personal credit reports, which are often referred to as "credit records". So pay attention to the following:

1. The credit card has a three-day buffer period after the repayment date. As long as the cardholder repays the minimum repayment before 0:00 on the third day after the due repayment date, it will not be considered overdue, that is, As long as the credit card is overdue within 3 days after the repayment date, it is safe. If the credit card is overdue for more than 3 days, it will affect the personal credit record.

2. The credit card repayment balance is less than 10 yuan. In addition to the overdue repayment of the credit card, the credit card will also be reported if the credit card repayment is insufficient.

However, the bank has a tolerance of 10 yuan, which means that the amount repaid by the cardholder is less than 10 yuan less than the total repayment amount, which can be regarded as a full repayment, and the remaining small amount of money that has not been repaid can be counted. Repayment will be made on the next repayment date. And it is not counted as an overdue credit card and will not be credited.

3. Credit reporting is submitted once a month.

4. The consumption and repayment of personal credit cards will be reported to the People's Bank of China by the issuing bank every month, thereby forming personal credit records. At present, the frequency of the bank's reporting of personal credit data is once a month.

Therefore, if the credit card is overdue and the 3-day buffer time is exceeded, you must call the bank in time to negotiate and resolve it before the bank submits the personal credit record.

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