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CCB's unpopular method of raising the amount!

CCB has the second highest number of card issuances, second only to Cosmos Bank. There are two channels for applying for cards through online applications and outlets. In general, it is recommended to apply at outlets. The outlets can request a paper single entry and submit a personal qualification certificate. You can also refer to the following Method, by increasing the AUM value to increase the amount of one's own card application, the card is more smoothly.

In addition to the high bill amount and cash instalment withdrawal that everyone is familiar with, how to raise the amount of CCB credit card, there is a relatively unpopular and unknown trick, which is to use AUM to raise the amount.

1. What is the AUM value

AUM refers to the scale of asset management (Asset Under Management), which represents the total assets of a customer under CCB custody. The AUM value is directly proportional to the credit card limit. Many card friends overthrew CCB after the AUM value was updated.

1. Statistical method

Statistical rule: Determine the change of customer level based on the customer's AUM observed for six consecutive months.

Statistical scope: Evaluate customers according to the AUM of the CCB customer management system (OCRM system). AUM includes personal financial assets such as customer deposits in CCB and investment products purchased through CCB. Investments mainly include funds, treasury bonds, insurance, and investment and wealth management products issued by China Construction Bank.

Statistical method: When evaluating customers, the monthly average AUM indicator is used, that is, the average daily deposit balance of the month + the average daily investment amount of the month. The calculation formula is: average daily deposit balance of the current month=(∑ customer account deposit balance * actual deposit days in the current month)/30; average daily investment of the current month=∑ total customer investment/30. Among them: the total investment of funds and account funds=share * current net value of profit, Huideying, and the total investment of government bonds are the actual balance of the client's holdings.

①Evaluation is carried out every month according to the AUM (average daily value) of the current month. Customers who meet the higher level standards are immediately upgraded. New customers are directly assigned the customer level corresponding to the AUM. At this time, the customer status is "normal customer".

②If the customer's AUM (average daily value) in the current month is lower than the original level, and if the AUM for three consecutive months is lower than the current level, the customer will be assessed as a "concerned customer" starting from the fourth month. If the AUM of the following customer reaches the original level or higher in the current month, the following status will be removed.

③If you are assessed as a "customer of interest" for 3 consecutive months, the rating will be lowered from the fourth month, and the system will automatically lower it to the customer level corresponding to the maximum AUM in the current month for six consecutive months, and the follow mark will be cancelled.

2. Statistical scope

① AUM is only related to assets such as deposits, investment and financial management, and has nothing to do with card consumption and mortgages.

②The effective turnover is included in the AUM statistics, and the money transferred in and out instantly is an invalid turnover. Running water overnight can be included in the AUM value, and it can be stored for 24 hours.

③AUM value update time. It can be found on the 8th of each month, about 9-10 days. Netizens said that their 500,000 was deposited into China Construction Bank on January 15, and on February 8 (less than one month), the February AUM was 36w. By March 8th, the AUM value was not updated. I checked again on March 9th and found that the AUM value in March had become 50w. In other words, CCB counts the AUM value between the 8th of the current month and the 7th of the following month every month.

④The statistical method of AUM in the last 3/6 months=the sum of the AUM values ​​in the last 3/6 months ÷ 3/6

3. Query method

The head of the household is required to go to any CCB branch with a valid ID card and bank card, so that the staff can help with inquiries. Banks generally convert the customer's AUM value according to certain rules, quantify the customer's contribution, and provide non-financial services to the customer based on this. The AUM value is updated every month.

2. How to increase the AUM value?

CCB adopts the monthly average daily AUM indicator, which is the average daily deposit balance of the month + the average daily investment amount of the month.

To increase the AUM value, you can use methods such as moving bricks, deposit more, invest more, buy wealth management, treasury bonds, and so on. Since it is calculated on a quarterly basis, it must be stored for at least three months, and then you can wait for the AUM value to be updated. The CCB limit mainly depends on the AUM value, which is the scale of asset management, that is, your assets in CCB determine your credit card limit.

It is recommended to set the settlement card of the POS machine as a CCB savings card, and check the AUM value in preparation for the future overturn of the CCB card. After all, the overnight flow can be included in the AUM value. Although 300,000 is left overnight, the average monthly average is only 10,000, but it is still considerable in the long run.

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