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Article 16 Card Cheats

1. The number of single card swipes should be 3-5 times a week, and more than 15 times a month, with a reasonable increase each month, with 25 to 30 transactions per month being the best.

2. The credit card amount should be combined with small credit card consumption. If you always consume small amounts, the bank will not treat you as a high-quality customer. Only by saying that you often consume large amounts can you prove the level of consumption.

3. Don't wipe out large amounts as soon as the bill comes out. Basically, you will be blocked by the bank immediately after one time. If you use this way for three or four months in a row, the risk control will become more and more stringent, and there may be card blocking and derating.

4. It is best not to spend more than 50% of the total amount of the card in a single consumption. But if your quota is low, it doesn’t matter if your quota is 3000, for example. If you are all real consumption, don’t focus on spending all your quota. For example, if your quota of 80,000 is real consumption, you I swiped out this quota within two or three days, which is not good for the card.

5. It is best to use 1 or 2 strokes per day for a single card. It is recommended to use the same card at intervals of more than two hours.

6. Don't swipe the card after checking the balance on the POS machine. Don't do this.

7. Don’t swipe the last number of the card to always 0689. Don’t swipe the card with the same three digits. That is to say, you should not swipe the same number as 666 or 999. Don’t swipe the straight number? For example, 3456 1234 will not work either.

8. Occasionally install installments from time to time, especially when the bank takes the initiative to call you to install the installment, you can install the next installment, but it is not recommended that you follow the installment he told you, and it is not recommended that you divide it into 12 installments. Generally, it is recommended that about 30% of the credit card limit be divided into three or six installments.

9. Try not to swipe the card blank, leave about 10% to 20%. In some commercial banks, your quota is relatively low, you can increase it by maxing out, but it is best to use real high-quality consumption.

10. Swipe time, try to be from 8 am to 10 pm, and try not to use your card during the rest of the time. In fact, there is a suggestion for this, the time is from 9 am to 9 pm.

11. If a credit card fails, never try to lower the credit card limit. Even if it succeeds, the risk is too great. What does this mean?

For example, if you want to spend 5,000, but your credit card does not have that much limit, the balance is insufficient after swiping the card, and then you consume 3,000 again, and the credit card is successfully swiped. This is not good for the card, because you can't grasp your card limit in real time. , To some extent, there are suspicions of illegal card use.

12. There is a transaction volume every month for more than half a year, and the payment can be repaid on time. Basically, the amount can be raised. Generally, the first withdrawal is possible after six months, and once every three or six months, each bank is different. Generally, you need to go to the App to apply.

13. Overseas consumption is very helpful to increase the amount. If you can travel abroad, you can go shopping directly and swipe vigorously.

14. If there is a temporary quota, try to use the temporary quota. It should be noted that you have to understand the rules of the temporary quota and don't let yourself fall into it.

15. If you have ample funds, go to the bank to buy wealth management and make a fixed deposit. Banks like this kind of customers.

16. If you have done a lot of things and you can't raise the amount, you can try the frozen amount raising method.

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