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Solve the problems of collection, negotiate with the bank on the communication skills of suspension of interest and account, and personalized installment

Why do so many people look for intermediaries? I think it's mostly because they don't know how to negotiate and lack negotiation and communication skills. Secondly, I have negotiated many times without results, and the collection calls are still continuous. There is really no way I can do it. I can only go to an intermediary for help.

Here, our suggestion to cardholders who are overdue is: You can talk to the bank yourself about the instalment negotiation with the bank! There are many black intermediaries who fish in troubled waters on the market. For example, if you post a tutorial after receiving the money, you will be blacked out. If negotiation fails, no refund will be made. There are various situations. If you want to go through an intermediary, you must keep your eyes open and avoid Being deceived, made myself worse!

Three major conditions for application for suspension of interest-bearing accounts

Generally speaking, to meet the following 3 conditions, you can apply for "suspended interest and account balance".

1. Too much debt is beyond the debtor's ability to repay. For example, I owe 300,000 yuan to the bank, but my monthly salary is only 4,000, which is obviously beyond my ability to repay the loan.

2. The debtor must be sincere in repayment. For example, before the expiry date, I immediately communicated and negotiated with the bank and told the bank customer service that I did not intentionally fail to pay the money, but because of an accident, the communication logic was "I really want to pay the money, but for some objective reason, I didn’t Money back."

3. Reasons for not being able to repay the loan must be reasonable. The reasons must be sufficient, such as sudden unemployment, company bankruptcy, sudden deception, illness and car accident. These reasons are not made in vain, and relevant letter proofs must be provided.

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