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How to optimize the credit card? Which credit cards should be cancelled?

Nowadays, it is not difficult to apply for a credit card. Everyone holds more or less credit cards in their hands.

For Xiaobai who is just getting started, holding 1-3 credit cards is enough. When there are more and more credit cards in his hand and the requirements for credit cards are getting higher and higher, he will apply for more credit cards. There may be some troubles, such as troubles in credit card management.

Many card clubs have such a situation. There are a lot of credit cards in hand. A bank can reach five or six, but the limit is not high. At this time, the credit card in hand needs to be optimized.

How to optimize it can be sorted out according to the following methods:

1. Cancellation of excess cards in the same company

As mentioned above, if you hold multiple credit cards in a certain bank, even five or six, you can cancel one or two of them.

Many people will hold multiple credit cards from the same bank. For example, in order to successfully get off the card, you will choose a lower level Jinpu card, or for a certain promotion or card opening activity, you will choose a specific credit card, and then you will apply for other higher value, better rights, For a higher-level credit card, the frequency of use of the card before this time will be very low.

2. Cards with duplicate rights

Now there are many types of credit cards. While enjoying the benefits and benefits of credit cards, we will always unknowingly apply for many different types of credit cards. For example, some are used for catering consumption. , Some shopping is cheap, and some have discounts for traveling abroad, and so on.

Generally speaking, between the same bank, there are few types of cards with the same rights, but there are many credit cards with the same rights between different banks. At this time, we only need to keep one of the most commonly used cards with the best rights and benefits. That's it, the others can be logged out.

3. Credit cards with large installments

Nowadays, many banks have launched some large installment platinum credit cards, the amount is very high, at least more than 50,000, but these cards also have a rigid requirement, that is, they must be installed, and the installment will inevitably have to pay a handling fee, and these handling fees are Annualization is not low.

Unless there is an extreme desire for funds, it is really not recommended that you hold such a large installment credit card, and if you have it, it is best to cancel it.

4. Cancellation of cards with extremely low quotas

I am afraid that the minimum amount is 0. On the one hand, the amount of the amount depends on the initial application for bank review, and on the other hand, it is also very important to use the card later.

If you dislike the 2,000 yuan "cooking card", or if it is still a few kilos after a few years, and feel that it is a waste of energy to manage it, you can decide by yourself whether to log it off or keep it for use. After all, the quota is not set in stone, and it is generally not recommended to write off blindly to avoid being held accountable.

This kind of truth may be understood by everyone, but it will be clearer if we take a practical example.

For example, the CCB quota is 1W, the CITIC quota is 2.4W, the Ping An quota is 2.6W, the people's livelihood quota is 3.1W, the agricultural quota is 3W, the investment quota is 1.5W, and there are more than 400,000 Bank of China mortgages. Credit card debt is more than 60%. So far, CCB has not raised the amount for the next card.

From the perspective of the number of cards, 6 is a reasonable limit for the number of cards to be held. Generally, 3 or 4 are the most suitable. In terms of the number of cards, it can be optimized appropriately.

The Agricultural Bank of China is a state-owned bank for construction. If you want to increase the quota to 50,000 in a short time, you must use funds for fixed deposits. At least 100,000 starts and fixed deposits are valid for half a month. Therefore, there is a trade-off between China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China.

In addition, you can also try to apply for a Bank of China credit card through the real estate, perhaps you can get a better amount.

The remaining banks are all commercial banks, and the speed of withdrawal is fast, especially for China Merchants and People's Livelihood. You only need your card to meet the bank's standards, and you don't need to attach any assets. For those that have not been raised for a long time or are rarely used, they can be cancelled.

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