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Why does the full credit card repayment always fail?

Many cardholders plan to repay the full amount after the credit card bill comes out, but they don’t have enough money, so they plan to repay the full amount of the credit card several times. It is okay under normal circumstances, and it is okay under normal circumstances, but there may be repayment failures during the repayment process, so you have to find the reason.

Can I pay the full credit card payment in several installments?

The full repayment of the credit card does not clearly stipulate that it must be repaid in one lump sum, as long as the total repayment amount reaches the amount owed in the current period before the end of the repayment date. Consumption will not be prohibited during the payment process, so the cardholder can swipe the card while repaying the payment, but the amount of the card swiped will be included in the next bill after the bill comes out.

However, failures may occur during the repayment process, because different repayment channels have limits on the number of times and amount.

1. As some people will repay on WeChat, there is no limit to the number of repayments, but pay attention to the repayment limit. If you are repaying for yourself, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Huaxia, Guangda, Ping An, Minsheng, Industrial, CITIC, Guangzhou, and Ningbo have a single limit of 200,000, and other banks have a single limit of 50,000; for others, a single, 10,000 yuan per day.

2. Some people will choose bank apps for repayment. For example, China Merchants Bank's Pocket Life App repays them. Both our bank and other banks support credit cards, and the number of repayments and amount limits are different. If you are returning the credit card of China Merchants Bank, the limit is 50 times per person per month, and the maximum repayment amount = credit limit-available limit + 10,000 yuan; if you return a credit card from another bank, each debit card can only be repaid a maximum of 5 per month. The limit is no more than 25,000 yuan in a single day, and a maximum of 50,000 yuan in a single month.

The above is an introduction to the relevant content. In short, it is best to understand the selected repayment channel and the restrictions on the number and amount of repayments for credit card repayment.

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