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If you accidentally sign this word, you will be in great trouble!

I saw someone asked,

My friend owes a lot of money to the point where it can’t be repaid,

Ask me to go to the bank to guarantee him, should I go?

Before guaranteeing others,

Please think about a question first, if the borrower ran away,

Can you afford the loan?

A middle-aged person who is a little older, has some financial resources, and has good credit aptitude

Very easy to be fooled by relatives and friends,

Guaranteed them, but the other party ran away,

Leave yourself in a daze.

Guaranty=Take care of others

If the other party can't pay the money, I'm sorry, since you have made a guarantee, you have to pay back the money for him.

What? Not yet?Then the lending agency can sue the court for enforcement.

The court will not be ambiguous when it comes to enforcement. It will first seal the house and car, then freeze the wage card, and only keep living expenses according to the minimum standard.

In addition to real estate auctions, many people have a misunderstanding that "one set of houses cannot be compulsory auctioned." In fact, the court has never said that only one set of houses cannot be enforced. It only said that the basic living housing of the parties should be guaranteed. After moving, there is no place to live. I will rent a house for you. What is the level of the rented house? Come according to the level of low-rent housing.

In addition, if the price of a house of 1 million yuan is counted as unsuccessful auction, the evaluation fee, auction fee, and execution fee are deducted. In the end, it may not be enough to repay the loan of 700,000 yuan.

Guarantee for others, affect credit investigation

There is also an item of guarantee information in the credit report. If this type of behavior is not involved, it will not be displayed in the credit report. Once you guarantee someone and the person you guarantee fails to repay the money on time, your credit report will be affected.

If you have unsettled guarantee records on your credit investigation, and then you want to apply for car loans, mortgages and small loans, then financial institutions will carefully assess your risks, and it is not so easy to borrow money by yourself.

Assuming that the refusal to implement is listed as a list of dishonest and restricted high-spending groups, it also means that travel, stop going, and go abroad, don't think about it. Renting a high-end office building, renting a bungalow can make do with it. Don’t take the airplane. Even taxis, sorry, are considered high-end vehicles.

Therefore, whether it is a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or a girlfriend, even a close relative, you must be cautious and cautious. Because you only know whether your relationship with him is good, but you don't know the true repayment ability of the other party.

Don't be inexplicably become a guarantor

In another case, a copy of an ID card + was deceived to forge a signature and become a guarantor.

If you find yourself becoming a guarantor somehow,Don't panic, go to the bank to find the account manager to request a file adjustment to confirm whether the original signature is the person.If you are not the person, you will not bear any responsibility.

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