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The difference between UnionPay POS machine and other POS machines

Now there are more and more third-party POS machines, such as Jialianli Brush, Tenpay and so on. Many people think that only UnionPay POS machines are from UnionPay. In fact, UnionPay has a subsidiary called UnionPay Commerce, which is no different from ordinary third-party POS machines. It is also a third-party POS machine. Many UnionPay Commerce employees want to launch their own The advantage would say that they are UnionPay's POS machines, and the others are third-party POS machines, but UnionPay Commerce is a third-party payment company.

The so-called UnionPay POS machine is directly connected to the UnionPay settlement channel. There is a POS machine of a payment company with a payment license issued by the state. Such company funds are regulated by the state, so you can rest assured that you will not miss the account when you swipe your card.

Some companies need to provide formal business licenses and handle POS machines at regular rates, such as UnionPay Commerce, Tenpay, etc. Some companies can directly distribute goods to customers and need to pay a deposit of 500 yuan. Generally, payment companies that do regular POS machines will adopt this method, and some can apply licenses for low rates. Generally, such payment companies will Request the purchase of the whole machine directly.

Why are there two sales models. Which is more cost-effective. The reason why some can directly pay the deposit and some ask to buy it out is simple. A formal payment company generally handles a relatively high POS machine fee. Few customers are engaged in people's livelihood. Most of the credit card fee rate is 0.78 or 1.25, so the payment company can have more income after doing the formal payment.

A payment company that can be bought out at one time, because it can be used as a low-rate POS machine, because the fee rate is too low, and there is no more income, so everyone is required to buy out at one time. In fact, it also requires 500-600 high-end mobile machines to pay a deposit. The deposit is higher. However, it is more than 600 to buy out by oneself, and it is actually more cost-effective to buy out directly. After all, the rate is lower.

The most important thing for everyone is to choose a more powerful agent, and you need a more formal and powerful third-party payment company, so that any problems in the later period can be solved quickly! Our Guanglian is the authorized core POS of Jialian Payment Machine agents. You can contact us if you have related questions.

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