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What should I do if my credit card is blocked? 6 steps to help you unblock!

Have you ever encountered a situation where your credit card was blocked?

If the credit card is blocked, it can no longer be used normally, usually because it touches the bank's risk control system, or the credit card has an abnormal situation. In short, there are many cases of being blocked.

At the moment when banks are becoming more and more strict in risk control, first of all, we must always remind ourselves to use cards rationally and control consumption, and we must also know how to unblock them to avoid such situations.

Six steps of credit card unblocking technology!

1. The three banks with the most stringent risk control: Communications, CITIC, and Ping An, and the two relatively strict banks: Shanghai Pudong Development and Industry and Commerce.

2. The most commonly used unblocking technology is the top three banks. There is also the unblocking technology. Some cards can be unblocked, while others cannot.

Unblocking conditions:

The closure of a credit card shall not exceed three months, and it cannot be an overdue frozen card.

Six steps to unblocking:

Step 1: Call the customer service number on the back of the credit card,Check if there is arrears, If any, pay off first.

Step 2: ChooseHuman services, And request a transferManager on dutyFor conversation, the general customer service authority is not enough, it is best to talk to the manager.

Step 3: After transferring the manager,Consult the reason for the card closure. Usually ask some questions, such as: Where are the last few large transactions? What did you buy?

Words: According toThe name of the merchant who swiped the receiptTo answer, for example, if the merchant's name is XX Mall, you just said that you bought a TV, refrigerator and other major appliances. The value of the goods must be similar to the money you paid.

Step 4: After answering the question, you will be askedProvide transaction receipts or invoices, and the response methods are as follows:

At this time, we must say no! As for the reason, the merchants said that they would give discounts if they didn't want tickets, they didn't ask for invoices and receipts, or they were in a hurry at the time.

Step 5: After dealing with the customer service, we will generally submit special information to you. Within a week,Keep the phone open, There will be customer service to inform you, let youSign a letter of commitment, The promise is not overdue, no cash out, etc., anyway, it will be stable after signing.

Step 6: If the customer service does not give you a letter of commitment, or refuses it directly,Keep callingApply to open the card and continue to use it,Repeat the above stepsUntil the card is unlocked.

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Note: The method of signing the undertaking is generally the mailbox and fax. After signing it, fax it back or send it to the bank. It is basically 100% unlocked, and the quota is generally unchanged, but it may be reduced.

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