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The advantages and disadvantages of the electric sign-off version of the POS machine

What is the electric sign-off POS machine? What is the difference with ordinary POS machines? What does the electric sign-off POS machine mean?

The electronic signature POS machine can also be called an electronic signature POS machine. That is, with the handwriting function, you can write a signature directly on the POS machine and upload it to the server.

To put it simply, the electronic signature POS machine and the ordinary POS machine are the difference between a small machine and a large machine. The functions of the small machine and the large machine are the same. It's just that you can't issue a small ticket. If you need a small ticket voucher, it is not recommended to buy this machine. If you don't need a small ticket voucher and want to use it conveniently, we recommend buying this small machine.

Many platforms have launched POS machines with the electric sign-off version and are also favored by many people, because the cost and activation conditions of the electric sign-off version are very low for the big POS machines. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, then let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of POS machines.

Advantages of the electric sign-off version of the POS machine:

1. The body is small. It is easy to carry, and it is much more professional in appearance than ordinary MPOS machines. For merchants to go out and collect money, it is still very easy to get

2. Low cost and low activation conditions. At present, the most popular Lakala POS machine on the market, generally the first swipe is about 300, which we can accept

3. The fee rate is low. The fee rate of the electronic signature version of the POS is basically the same as that of the large POS machine. It will not be like the ordinary POS machine to +2 + 3 in a second. It is really cost-effective.

4. Simple to use, no need to install APP on the mobile phone like ordinary POS machines, no need to connect to Bluetooth, just input the amount on the machine and swipe the card directly

Disadvantages of the electric sign-off version of the POS machine:

1. The machine is relatively small and cannot issue small tickets. For merchants who need to go out to collect large amounts of money, they cannot provide small tickets. This shows that the current technology has not achieved the expected results. I believe that the future update iterations will also complete this technology. .

2. That is, there is a limit to the large amount of payment. This is also functionally compared to the traditional large POS that is issued. It is also sufficient for individuals and small and micro merchants to swipe their cards.

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