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Which POS machine is good for personal credit card raising and withdrawal?

Credit cards are now a means of payment in many people's lives. While enjoying the benefits of credit cards, we must also avoid situations that affect credit during use. How to use the POS machine to raise the card, especially the individual raises the card, a large number of people have big questions about this aspect, so today, as a technology service company, Glodon will popularize this knowledge for everyone.

Credit cards and POS machines are inseparable and closely connected. If the two are separated, credit cards are just a function of overdraft consumption and do not have the function of raising card financing. Many people want to use the credit card to raise the amount and use the money in it to do what they want. To raise a credit card, the first step is to choose a POS machine with high quality and safe funds. As for what style of POS machine to choose, there are some particulars.

1. Choose standard rate POS machine

For a regular POS machine, the charge rate is basically above 0.6%, why not choose a low-cost POS machine? In fact, it is like this. Generally, merchants for public welfare, such as schools, hospitals, charities, government agencies, etc., use low-cost POS machines. These merchants do not have points when they swipe their cards. Banks do not make money. If If you are not a non-profit merchant, you will be detected by the bank's risk control system, and you will be deducted from the bank's risk control system.

2. Choose a clean machine

Let us first understand what is a clean machine? A clearing machine is a third-party payment company that has a payment license issued by the central bank. It is safe, and the funds are guaranteed, and the credit card will definitely be paid. Nowadays, POS machines are mixed, and there are also many second clearing machines, and there are often incidents of failing to swipe the card, so you need to choose carefully.

3. What is real intensive cultivation?

Master the swiping skills, what is the real intensive cultivation? For intensive care cards, you also need to learn slowly. Let’s take a simple example. For example, your credit card limit is 10,000 yuan. To achieve intensive care, you need to swipe more than 20 times. Both small and large amounts are required. If yes, the small amount is mostly small, which means that you need to brush one of your bills every day. This is the real intensive cultivation. Instead of the so-called return of the money, 2-3 pens will be swiped out for you. If this operation is done, the bank can also detect it, and it will degrade and seal the card over time.

In short, if you want to raise your credit card quickly, you need a good personal POS machine on the one hand, and the other side needs to maintain and maintain the credit card, so that it can be used for a long time.

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