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How can I do a good job of POS machine agent to join?

The development of network technology has made payment more convenient. Due to the popularity of the payment business, many people have smelled business opportunities. Due to the low threshold, more and more people are engaged in POS machines; however, not all agents can make money. , Some agents are very profitable, and some are going to go bankrupt. What is going on? Why can some people do pos machines well, while others do poorly? How can we join pos machine agents? do it?

Let's analyze some of the problems of pos machine agent joining for everyone:

1. The demise of market competition

There are many brands of POS machines on the market now, and there are also many types of payment companies, some are official, some are institutional. For beginners, they only see the benefits, but do not know the difference between POS machines and official ones. , so he chooses the wrong product, even if it takes a lot of effort, he will work for others. In the end, he gets nothing and loses confidence in the payment.

2, can not keep up with the times and be eliminated

The market of POS machines has changed a lot, and the basic life of each product is between 6 and 12 months. When you choose a product, you just work hard and don’t care about any changes in the market. Everyone is developing new products. You are still using old products, you are using 4G, but you are using 2G, this is an inevitable result.

3, no professional senior service staff

This year, it's not about how good your product is or what policy you have, but you have a professional and reliable superior service personnel. Therefore, I think a reliable senior service personnel is more important than a good product. important.

4, own problems, lack of perseverance

The profit of the dealer comes from the transaction volume, and the transaction depends on the installed capacity. That is to say, the more orders, the larger the transaction volume, and the higher the profit. Without a system, it is difficult to make a profit in the early stage. Therefore, in the short term, dealers who are not profitable will gradually give up.

In fact, there is another reason for not being able to pay: lack of perseverance.

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