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How to choose the pos machine correctly

How to choose a POS machine? The regular POS machines are basically the same, so there is not much difference in choosing anyone. I think there are two reasons for the quality of the POS machine:

1. See if this pos machine skips codes?

The MCC code determines the merchant's industry, and its main functions are ordinary merchants, preferential merchants, and public welfare merchants. How to find the MCC code? Simply put, it is to download a China UnionPay cloud QuickPass application. If you see numbers from 8 to 14 on the merchant number, these 4 numbers are the MCC codes. As mentioned earlier, different merchants have different prices for swiping cards. Code skipping means that when you swipe your credit card, you will jump to some special codes. Merchants or charities. If you are 0.6 percent fee, then the payment company will give you 0.38 or even 0, and you can give 0-2 percent or even 0-6 percent of the money to the payment company. For example, You spend 50,000 yuan, and the result shows the gas station, hospital, water and electricity bills, all of which are random. The disadvantage of this code hopping is that the card issuer makes money, and because they make money, they will be strictly enforced. A good POS machine will not skip the code, they are all ordinary merchants, and the MCC code is the same as the selected merchant. Some computers will not skip the code skipping area, just Just like you swipe your card in Shanxi and Taiyuan, a good pos system will match you in a certain place in Taiyuan according to your time and region, but if it is cross-region, your credit card in Taiyuan will jump to Hebei, Taiyuan in the morning, Hebei at noon, and Yunnan in the evening. Therefore, when choosing POS, a very important reference factor is whether to skip the code.

2. Check whether the cost is high or low.

Usually the settlement cost between the company and the intermediary company is between 0.51-0.52 percent, while the agency company ranges from 0.03-0.04 percent, that is, the profit for every ten thousand yuan is 3-4 US dollars. And 0.51 percent, 0.52 percent of the company , 0.42% of the income is the card issuer, 0% of the income is fixed and cannot be changed, and the payment company only has a profit of 0.3% to 0.4%, that is to say, every ten thousand yuan of income is the company's income, and the remaining The bottom line is the company's profit. If you use a 0.5 percent credit card, the payment company will not make any money, or even lose money. The current average price of mobile games is 0.55 percent, and the era of 0.6 percent is over. Not anymore, so everyone can refer to 0.55 percent of the price. Generally, it is not recommended for everyone to use less than 0.55 percent of equipment, because it is easy to reduce the limit. Only when everyone makes money can you get the best service, banks , a win-win situation for payment companies and credit card customers.

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