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What is the use of pos machine

Why are POS machines so common nowadays? For example, shopping malls, such as POS machines, such as bank cards, such as mobile POS machines. After all, the functions of POS are too powerful and can support us to use anywhere. What is the role of POS? What does it do? Let's take a look!

What does a POS system do?

1. Identification function The cashier identification function means that the cashier logs in before going to work, that is, each cash register in the store has a number, and each cashier has its own ID and password, as long as the corresponding ID is entered and password, you can operate on the "Sales Screen". After a shift change, the cashier should leave the system for other cashiers to use. If the cashier must be temporarily disconnected from the terminal during work, the terminal can be set to "" log out or close", and log in again when you come back.

2. Sales function The POS system has a variety of sales modes, and the cashier can choose the products of different sales modes according to their own needs. Specific functions: discounts, preferential functions:

Discounts or promotions themselves are subject to authorized review.

Buying and selling transaction correction function: including clearing function and transaction cancellation function.

Return function: Under normal circumstances, the cashier does not have the transaction authority for this business and needs the manager to do it.

Post-account function: when the current business has not been completed, the business data is saved, and then the collection business of the next business is carried out.

3, Payment function:

Cash, check, credit card and other payment methods, the POS machine has the function of setting various payment modes.

4. Other functions:

Ticket query function: You can query all transactions within a certain period of time, or query at a specific point in time.

Report query: According to the payee's own sales, prepare a simple report, and then print it on the printer of the cash register. The content of the report includes settlement form, cabinet group reconciliation form, etc.

Front desk inventory: The focus of inventory work is to inventory the inventory. The essence of the inventory inventory is to manually input the item information to be inventoryed or input it into the cash register through the barcode scanning system, just like selling goods.

Working status inspection: It is a comprehensive inspection of the cash register and cashier status. It mainly includes: general status, transaction status, network status, external equipment status, etc.

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