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What are the hazards of low-rate pos machines?

As we all know, on September 6, 2016, the industry called "96 fee reform". my country's National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Bank and other departments will charge new credit card business. The credit card limit will be cancelled, and the loan will be separated. However, in the new regulations Soon after the introduction, we found that many low-interest credit card machines appeared on the market.Low rate POS machineWhat is the danger?

We start with a few different interest rates:

One: 0.6 percent handling fee for ordinary merchants, ordinary jewelry, jewelry, entertainment, entertainment, catering, etc., the card issuer charges 0.4825 percent handling fee.

2: People's livelihood discount 0.38-0.48. The issuing bank charges a handling fee of 0.325 percent. Most of the bank credit cards that swipe cards will not bring points to these merchants.

3: Free public services. Ordinary commercial institutions, such as: public hospitals, administration, public education, charities, etc. This type of business card issuer does not charge credit card fees, which means there is no profit.

Many companies have launched low-rate POS to occupy the market by reducing the interest rate by 0.58 percent, 0.55 percent or even 0.50 percent. So, what are the characteristics of low-rate POS machines?

1. Features of low-rate POS system (serious code hopping)

The so-called code hopping refers to jumping from one store (industry) to another store (industry), and payment companies can turn merchants with standard handling fees into merchants with reduced or exempted fees or even 0 rate merchants and then upload them to the UnionPay system , The fees charged by merchants are based on the fees charged by ordinary merchants, while UnionPay and card issuers are charged by payment companies based on forged merchants.

Therefore, what is the harm of using the code hopping of low-rate POS machines for a long time?

1. Damage the bank's rights and interests

Originally, you could earn 10 yuan, but when the payment company jumps, the bank can only earn 1 yuan, or even 1 yuan.

2. Damage to the rights and interests of cardholders

Ordinary stores have points, but welfare shops and charity shops do not. Using low-rate POS machines will not only not be able to enjoy points, but will also be frozen by the bank.

2, Low rate POS machine (no payment permission)

On the website of the central bank, there is no low-rate POS machine at all, because the system of the low-rate POS machine does not have the payment license of the central bank, therefore, the low-rate POS machine system is also called "2 clearing machines" .

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