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Can a POS machine swipe a debit card?

The POS machine can swipe the savings card. But if you want to swipe the card, you must have enough cash, otherwise it is impossible to complete. After all, the savings card is not a credit card, it cannot be advanced, you need to save the deposit first, and then use it.

Extended Information:

1. Before using POS, please confirm whether the power is turned on, whether the printer is connected to the host, and whether the POS printing paper has been installed.

2. At the end of each day's business, the operator should carry out "end of day processing"; in particular, it should be noted that when the POS machine needs to be replaced for some reason, it must be closed and replaced before the "end of day processing" is completed. .

3. The credit card cannot be reused, causing the cardholder to be debited many times. During the transaction, if the purchase order is not printed out, the operator should first select "Reprint"; Click "Query Current Business" to check the order number and merchant serial number, then turn off the power and confirm that the printer is connected correctly. After unplugging it again, select to print the specified record. If it still cannot be printed out, go to the POS machine to check. The balance, and then go to the UnionPay customer service center to check, if it is confirmed to be true, you can write the shopping record on the POS bill, sign it to get the goods, or cancel it, you can't swipe it again, otherwise the money will be deducted.

4. If the transaction cannot be swiped, you must click the required transaction password again to avoid other transaction errors as "consumption", resulting in multiple deductions.

5. The password of the cardholder. In order to ensure the security of the transaction, on the POS machine, the cardholder must enter the correct card number on the POS machine. If the password is not reserved, the transaction is completed through the POS "confirm" button.

6. Please do not forget to ask the cardholder to sign the endorsement form. If the name reserved on the back of the card or the name on the front of the card does not match, please contact the card issuer.

7. You must carefully check the transaction type in the printed sales signature, and avoid changing "consumption" to "pre-authorization", or changing "return" to "consumption", resulting in errors .

8. The return transaction can be returned in whole or in part. If the return fails, please do not return it casually, and do not let the cardholder take the goods. You can follow the POS prompt for corresponding processing, or contact the maintenance staff of UnionPay.

9. Do not unplug the communication line at will. The communication interface of the POS device is a dedicated (line port), and the two cannot be confused.

10. For debit cards and member banks that have not signed the manual card pressing agreement, the card pressing transaction is invalid and the card issuing bank does not recognize it, so do not press the bill.

Cashiers can collect money, return goods, exchange goods, price inquiries, discounts, and cancel transactions through the cash register. The functions of return, exchange, and discount can be set by the administrator. In the daily work of cashiers The basic workflow can be divided into boot, enter the sale, save the odds, execute the sale, checkout, exit and close.

Due to the sales function of the system, when the cashier logs in, he must enter his own password correctly and obtain the confirmation of the system, and then he can enter the sales state of the ATM normally. During the sales period, all accounts will be automatically Credited to the cashier's account until leaving from the sale. Settled by sales, it can be divided into: RMB, check, credit card, gift certificate, etc.

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