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Some risk controls about credit card machines

Established in 2011, Lok Fu Payment is committed to establishing a risk control system and security technology, and has fully realized bank-level risk control and security protection. Guided by national policies, Lok Fu carries out capital supervision and transaction monitoring for the entire chain of the whole dimension. At the same time, Lok Fu is based on the four core links of "risk prevention, risk monitoring, risk investigation, and risk handling". Go to the risk system to monitor transaction data, investigate risk cases, formulate risk control measures, finally handle risk cases, report them to regulatory authorities and public security departments, and establish a one-stop risk prevention and protection system for the whole process. In terms of safety, Lok Fu has built a Aegis-level security defense matrix, including "network security measures, transaction authorization security measures, and follow-up remedial measures". First, network security includes firewall, MD5 digital signature, PCI security certification, SSL certificate encryption, and password security control. Security Center, Security Toolbar, Digital Certificate, Lok Fu Shield, Mobile Phone Dynamic Password and other identity authentication tools are integrated. A series of additional processing methods such as the adjustment of RMCS rules are combined. Industry insiders said that the security, application environment and scenarios of the entire Le Fu payment system are complete, and will gradually become a security benchmark in the domestic third-party payment field.

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