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What is the difference between static payment code and dynamic payment code

Alipay payment code static and dynamic difference

1. According to the length of time, if it is not used by the merchant, the static 2D code will not be invalid. If you do not pay, it will be invalid within 5 minutes.

2. Static code Generally, merchants have a fixed collection code, such as a company, which mainly has no callback. Dynamic code is to obtain the url to automatically generate the code, and after processing, there is a callback information.

3. After the 2D code is generated, the user can modify and store the 2D code at will without the need to reprint and make the 2D code. The 2D code will be updated automatically, and new information can be obtained by scanning it once. Once the scanning is completed , you cannot change it. You can no longer pay with 2D code

With the continuous development of mobile network, mobile payment has gradually become one of the most common methods in people's daily life. However, today's news about Alipay and WeChat payment personal collection codes will be banned from commercial use on March 1. There has been extensive discussion on the Internet. Many people have said that they will not be able to pay with mobile phones in the future, and those small merchants will not be able to pay with WeChat scan code?

In fact, many people have misunderstood. This system only transfers money to fixed customers, so in formal offline transactions, scanning 2D codes for payment will not affect small merchants.

The introduction of this policy is to make up for the loopholes in the financial system and prevent people from using mobile payment for gambling, money laundering and other crimes.

In short, the implementation of this policy has not changed people's habit of paying with mobile phones, so please don't worry.


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