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Standing brush 950-K205

Standing brush 950-K205

It is a merchant version pos machine under Jialian. It is handheld and easy to carry. Support IOS, Android system, this machine is very popular among merchants....

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Standing brush 950-K205

Support IOS, Androidsystem

This financial MPOS terminal K205 personal pos machineThe model is: K205. This K205 is a mobile POS machine under Jialian Pay, with 0.5%+3 flash payment 0.36%.

This is a small pos machine, hand-held and easy to carry. As long as consumers carry a card with UnionPay, they can check out through the POS machine, while merchants can wait for the clearing center to credit their funds into their accounts on time, and then they can collect money while sitting down. No need to go to the bank anymore. For consumers and businesses, it is a convenient thing.

There are a few points for attention when using the pos machine. The first is that when the magnetic stripe card is not authenticated, you can only swipe 3 pens in a single day, the single amount cannot exceed 1,000 yuan, and the number of real-name verifications is unlimited; the second is the verified credit card. It can reach 9 million per month; the third point is not to use POS machines to cash out for a long time and swipe credit cards, because in doing so, the bank will carry out risk control, reduce the credit limit, and even block the card in severe cases.

This machine is very popular among merchants. You need to bind your credit card to use the POS machine to avoid being bound by others.

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Brand: Vertical BrushProduct Name: Standing Brush 950-K205
Model: K205
Power supply: 5V--1A

Standing brush 950-K205

UnionPay certification, formal clearing machine

Standing brush 950-K205

Support credit card, cloud flash payment, fast payment