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Standing brush 950-K102

Standing brush 950-K102

It is a mobile POS machine under Jialian Pay. It arrives in the account instantly (within seconds), supports swipe card, cloud flash payment, fast payment, and payment security is guaranteed: UnionPay authentication is a formal clearing machine....

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Standing brush 950-K102

Support system: IOS and Android

The model of this credit card machine is K102, Credit card 0.5%+3 flash payment 0.36%. It is a subsidiary of Jialian PayhandPOS machine, Is a handheld type, it uses the Bluetooth network. There are many ways: UnionPay card swiping, stored-value card payment, QR code. Support multiple functions: swipe card, cloud flash payment, fast payment. We provide pos machine to join, K102 has two colors, one is blue, the other is red, you can choose.

This mobile pos machine is simple and convenient to handle. The biggest feature of this product is that it is compact and easy to carry, and can be used anytime, anywhere. There are other features, such as public payment, credit card repayment, credit card agency and so on. The payment is safe, with UnionPay certification, it is a formal clearing machine. The rate is low, and it supports two systems: IOS and Android. It supports password-free and visa-free, and the arrival time is instant (in seconds), eliminating many procedures and saving your time.

This machine has many features, not only small and exquisite, but also special functions, such as membership management, financial management, data management, third-party applications and so on.

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Brand: Vertical BrushProduct Name: Standing Brush 950-K102
Model: K102
Power supply: 1A

Standing brush 950-K102

UnionPay certification, formal clearing machine

Standing brush 950-K102

Support credit card, cloud flash payment, fast payment