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Jialian pos machine exchange conference

Jialian Payment Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is a POS payment company approved by the People's Bank of China and a professional third-party payment service provider.

On November 16, 2020, Jialian Payment held a partner exchange conference. Cum standing brushpos machineThe 4G telesignature conference was successfully held in Shenzhen. At the conference, the topics of "industry market, data insight", "4G new product launch", "high-quality pos machine agent speech", and "marketing policy introduction" were launched.

At the opening, Jialian CEO Shi Xiaodong gave a speech, focusing on the theme of "stability, compliance, future, and openness". Mr. Shi encourages everyone to regain their confidence, to have confidence in the overall economy next year, and to have confidence in the Jialian POS machine, and jointly create a better future.

"Industry market, data insights": Lin Qinghua, vice president of marketing at Jialian, said that we need an emerging opportunity for a stable brand. And on how to fine-tune the business strategy so as to make steady efforts.

"New 4G products are online": Lu Yang, vice president of operations of Jialian, said that Jialian has released a new generation of products-4G telesignature. Jialian 4G will lead the entire team to a trend forward. We are "faster, more stable and safer" with the new 4G network.

"Speaking of a high-quality POS machine agent": Deng Long, shared his personal experience in the payment industry all the way. Liu Qingbo analyzed his company's business model on the spot, shared it with everyone and believed that it would bring feelings and insights to the partners present.

"Introduction to Marketing Policy": Xu Ran, Director of the Investment Promotion Department, introduced the product marketing policy. Give various products and marketing policies. They have made clear introductions to plan a clearer and more confident future blueprint for partners.

The pos machine will certainly continue to bloom its own glory in the future.

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