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Sales summary meeting for pos machine joining

On October 10, 2020, Jialian Payment Sales Center held a grand mid-year summary meeting in the beautiful Lijiang, Yunnan.

Yang Jinxiu, the head of the training support department, summarized the training support work. The training support department not only tailored POS machine franchise training courses for sales centers during the epidemic, but also customized a wealth of practical courses for partners.

The major regions of the country also carried out regional work reports. Jialian will make specific work plans based on the market conditions of each province, and put forward implementation plans, and strive to complete the mission goals.

At the scene of the summary meeting, the employees not only struggled, but also laughed. The link of "signing military orders" was carried out. All the soldiers vowed to devote themselves to the sales work with high spirits, forward-looking attitude, and pragmatic style with forward passion, persistent enthusiasm, and professional attitude.

Lin Qinghua, the company's vice president and head of the sales center, analyzed the market trends in 2020 and shared the company's product plans. Make pos machine joining more simple and easy to operate, join with many cooperative agents.

On October 11, 2020, the Training Support Department launched a one-day training and development. Let employees deeply understand what is team, leadership, communication and execution. Promote everyone's reflection on daily work, and work harder for the common goal of the next sales center.

Looking back on the work done in the first half of the year, we should maintain the determination to always strive for the front end, maintain good experience, and let everyone learn. Help to win, fight well, and play brilliantly every battle. Improve team morale, enhance team cohesion, and jointly create a good business climate for pos joining. The sales summary meeting for pos machine joining was a complete success.

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