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Pos machine agent to join-the secret of making money by borrowing money to promote

Entering 2020, the payment industry has become increasingly standardized, and Jialian has gradually implemented a diversified layout. Next, I will take you to understand the POS machine agent joining-the secret of making money by borrowing money to promote.

From the perspective of the market today, borrowing money has become a common demand in the market. Users have high acceptance of loan products and a large demand. For this reason, Jialian has launched a new business section: the promotion of vertical brush lending. Taking into account the user's factors, we will seize the user's psychology with faster approvals, higher quotas, and lower interest rates.

Jialian launched, as long as Jialian POS machine agent franchise partners share the link with friends, and the friends successfully borrow money, they can enjoy a 1.5% higher profit sharing reward. And there is no middleman to make the price difference, and all the rewards obtained are directly issued by the headquarters of Jialian Pay. The event information is true and guaranteed.

The promotion of borrowing money on a stand-alone basis satisfies the two major guarantees. The daily interest rate is as low as in case and as high as 200,000 credits; Jialian headquarters is directly responsible, and the activities are guaranteed. There have been many cases: 1. Mr. Bai Meng, a young man from Shanghai, was originally a site supervisor. By chance, he came into contact with Lishuan to promote money lending. It took three years to get rid of the change. Once I shared the link of Lishua borrowing money promotion link to the circle of friends, more than a dozen people actually consulted about the money lending business. In this way, Mr. Bai Meng started step by step, and now he has become a "first class agent". 2. From a Jialian user to a Jialian POS agent, Mr. Wei from Nanjing, who has re-planned his business, feels that he can bring good products to more people and has a profitable mentality, and started to try to introduce this project to people around him. , I didn't expect it to succeed. Realize the feeling of a monthly income of 100,000.

From the above cases, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the promotion of borrowing money. From joining the POS machine as an agent to becoming the agent of this project step by step, the secret to making money is not quickly shared with the people around you.

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