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Standing Brush Elite Training Camp-Standing Brush pos Machine

On the evening of August 5, 2020, a group of employees from Jialian Business School went to Bengbu, Anhui Province to hold an elite special training camp for five days and five nights. On the way to the elite training camp,Vertical brush pos machineHow to start a new journey and meet a better self? The special training camp will show what kind of style, please take a look next.

On the night of the opening of the camp, the staff were so vigorous, they opened the camp and started the special training. The exciting flag-giving ceremony really affects people's hearts. Create a majestic atmosphere, the team is built extremely strong, and the military will continue to move forward.

Every moment of the hard work of every POS machine, every elite who studies seriously, exudes light and heat, and every elite who studies hard is a beautiful landscape. When they issued a military order, they showed their spirit! When encountering a narrow road, the brave wins, dare to challenge, dare to PK.

There is a team leader: Zhao Yongbiao. When their team faced failure, they adjusted quickly. The other team members of PK lost that day, and only reached one stand-up POS machine. The next day they quickly adjusted 6 and 10 on the third day. Originally created a sales mentality: "zombie mentality". Speaking of this, the captain said this: If you want to activate the machine, you must first activate yourself, and if you want to activate the team, you must first activate yourself. Step by step, under his leadership, he led the team to win the runner-up this time.

Behind the honor of this special training camp is responsibility, but also a responsibility. Behind the achievements of each elite standing brush pos machine is the process of hard work. They are fearless of their opponents, break through themselves, challenge their limits, and sprint for their goals. And get your own victory. This is a challenge with both strength and opportunity.

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