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Personal pos machine-cloud flash payment gives you a discount

On December 11, 2017, Cloud QuickPass was released. Cloud QuickPass is a mobile app, equivalent to a personal POS machine. It is a mobile payment app that is jointly developed, constructed, maintained and operated by China UnionPay and other parties under the guidance of the People's Bank of China. Cloud QuickPass is a mobile transaction settlement tool for non-cash receipts and payments.

Let me guess, are you still distressed about the withdrawal fee? Cloud QuickPass app to solve your difficulties! The merchant version of Lishuan is free of withdrawal fees within 1000 per day, and the QR code of the cloud flash payment app is scanned with the payment function of Lishuan's scan code. Within 1,000 yuan a day, there is no cash withdrawal fee, and there are a variety of preferential activities. For example: 1 cent for riding the subway, buying drinks, etc. will be rewarded with red envelopes.

Cloud QuickPass, an artifact for managing cards, makes bill query more convenient. Have you ever encountered such a situation, when you wanted the card, you couldn't find it? Now the cloud flash payment app teaches you to apply for more than 200 credit cards online, check the balance of more than 570 debit cards, check the bills of more than 150 credit cards and so on while lying on the sofa. One app can solve your troubles of managing multiple credit cards and debit cards.

Are you still wondering why some software requires a handling fee for cash withdrawal? Cloud QuickPass helps you eliminate your worries. There are no handling fees for bank card transfers and credit card repayments. Let you worry-free repayment and help you deal with problems in time. Save the handling fee that you originally needed to pay, and save a sum of money to supplement another aspect of life. No handling fee, it is like a personal pos machine, serving you caringly. If you are still worrying about life and need money, then you can use this app to reduce the burden of your life more or less.

Cloud QuickPass, an app, is equivalent to a personal pos machine, giving you a variety of discounts.

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