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Vertical brushing and signing version-cooperation between Zhonglian and Jialian

The third-party payment industry has experienced chaotic development over the years and has officially entered a relatively standardized development stage since 2016. Jialian Payment and Zhonglian Group met because of payment. The two companies share beliefs in each other and know each other because of their common payment ideals and ambitions. Jialian and Zhonglian joined hands in alliance in 2016 due to Jialian’s brushing and signing the electronic version.

In October 2016, China United Group was established. Focus on positioning in mobile financial payments. Zhonglian is a professional alliance group enterprise integrating pos machine installation, maintenance and value-added services. At the beginning, Zoomlion took delivery of 50,000 sets of vertical brush 910s and Jialian started the road to win-win cooperation. As of December 2019, a total of 600,000 units of Lishu 950 have been shipped, and the monthly transaction volume of a single product has exceeded 7 billion.

Zoomlion focuses on Jialianli's brushing and signing products. As one of the largest third-party service providers of Jialian Pay, Zoomlion Group has always been enthusiastic and determined to follow the pace of Jialian Payment, and spare no effort to develop and maintain channel partnerships. People and end customer markets.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, during the quarantine and closure of all homes during the pandemic, Zoomlion Group was able to maintain a certain degree of normal business development, maintaining a relatively considerable amount of activation and a relatively stable transaction volume.

There are many versions of Lishu, one of which is hand-made: the electric sign-off version and the merchant version. Among them, the electric sign-off version is suitable for a variety of payment scenarios. It is more inclined to large shopping malls and large-scale clothing with its own brand like Uniqlo. Shops, chain milk tea shops, etc.

In 2020, China United Group will continue to follow the pace of Jialian Payment and maintain its original aspirations. Moving on to the road of Lishudian payment, such as Lishudian payment, Jialian and Zhonglian Group work together to create a better future.

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