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Vertical brush business logic training meeting-pos machine for free

On April 19, 2020, Zoomlion Group’s business kick-off meeting-the vertical brush business logic training meeting was grandly held. Zoomlion analyzed the prospects of the payment industry after the 2020 epidemic from a deeper level, helping everyone strengthen business logic thinking and model analysis, and provide free processing of POS machines for the special 2020 story.

Mr. Liu Qingbo explained and analyzed for everyone through the directions of "crisis is a turning point, opportunity is also a challenge", "paying based on the heart", "customer-oriented, focusing on market demand":

1. How to turn the epidemic crisis into a turning point, seize the opportunity, strive for success in the fiercely competitive payment market for homogeneous products, and continue to develop.

2. What kind of abilities and awareness should pay entrepreneurs have, and clarify the direction for everyone to move forward.

3. Clarify the target market, understand customer needs, analyze the development process of payment product projects from the three stages of startup, growth, and harvest, and guide you to the correct process.

Mr. Liu Qingbo also emphasized: How to let customers handle the difficulty of POS machine for free. You must learn to start from yourself and find the key points. What is the key point? It is to learn how to find one's own shortcomings, and then analyze how to get rid of this point.

Mr. Liu Qingbo combined his own practical experience and shared the following aspects:

After this stand-up brush business logic training session, we have gained a lot and benefited a lot. After this analysis and sharing, everyone has a new understanding of the industry, a new plan for team development, and free handling of enhanced pos machines The idea of ​​has a new understanding. Hope to achieve better results.

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