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Jialian low-rate pos machine

In September 2015, Sichuan Anjifu Information Technology Service Co., Ltd. was established. It is the core service provider of Jialian Payment in Sichuan Province. Anjifu is a member of the Sichuan Payment and Settlement Association, located in Jinniu Wanda Plaza, North Section 3, First Ring Road, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

From the end of June 2019 to the beginning of 2019, Anjifu has organized several times in Neijiang, Dazhou, Yibin, Nanchong and other places to carry out the offline promotion activities of the vertical brush merchant version, and is committed to the sales of low-cost POS machines. And also achieved good results.

Jialian Payments Business School launched a training camp with the theme of "Pushing the Floor and Pushing Efficiency Improvement System" as the theme to improve the effectiveness of the partner team and empower the model. According to statistics, during the special training camp, the partner activation rate increased by 20%, and the service provider increased by 10%.

In the process of many offline exhibitions across the country, not only on-site exhibitions, but also from industry characteristics, Jialian background, sales skills, team building, and on-site offline promotion, all-round training and exchange of members will be conducted. The way of teaching people to fish has greatly increased the confidence of service providers in the payment industry, and has attracted hundreds of small white service providers in the industry to join.

Since the establishment of Jialian Payment Training Department for more than half a year, a group of experienced and capable lecturers have been assembled. In the special training camp of Anjifu Information Technology Service Co., Ltd., Jialian Payment Training Department conducts systematic and personalized training for the team push model. It has greatly improved the later sales skills.

Voltaire once mentioned that there can be no great cause without great difficulties. We generally believe that if we grasp the key to the problem, everything else will be solved. As long as the user’s pain point is grasped, the low-rate pos machine saves the user money and worry.

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