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After repaying the loan on time, but unable to borrow again, what is the problem?

Many users have reported that when borrowing money from various loan products, it often happens that they can no longer borrow after repayment on time, which makes people feel very puzzled and don't know where the problem is.

In fact, sometimes this problem is not caused by the borrower's sudden convulsions, but may be caused by various reasons. Generally, the system will re-evaluate the user's credit rating every time the borrower borrows money.

If you borrow money again and the comprehensive score does not meet the audit criteria, the loan will be rejected.

Today we will take a look at the reasons that led to the rejection of the loan. You can check your seat and see which one you have stepped on.

1. The data has changed

The last time I borrowed money was bound to the salary card of a certain bank, and there was a monthly salary flow, but I recently lost my job or changed my salary card. If the information is not updated in time, the other party will most likely think that you have no source of income. .

Between the second loan and the last loan, pay attention to check whether the information has been updated. For example, if the work unit is changed, the salary card has also changed, so remember to update it in time.

2. Overdue records appear

If you borrow on multiple platforms and only repay the loan on one platform, but the other platform is seriously overdue, the overdue record may be shared, and the loan will not be approved again. So be sure to repay the loan on time and not overdue.

3. The debt ratio is too high

After applying for loans, I went to other platforms to apply for loans, and the debt ratio continued to rise, which would be considered by the platform to increase the risk of overdue. Even if you want to borrow on multiple other platforms, you must control it within a certain range so that you can repay it before borrowing.

4. Repayment from time to time

If your first repayment is 10 days in advance, the second repayment is only 5 days in advance, but the third repayment is overdue by 2 days, and the last repayment will be made on the day when the repayment is due.

Then there is a case of overdue during the repayment period, or the repayment is made close to the repayment date, it is easy to be assessed as unstable economic conditions and high risk of overdue.

Therefore, when repaying, try to fix the date in advance to reduce the risk index of overdue.

Some people may think that it is really troublesome to maintain a good credit. If you borrow it or not, you won't have so much trouble. This kind of thinking is a big mistake. Good credit is the foundation of a person's survival. It will accompany you throughout your life, and you need to manage it carefully.

However, if the borrowed money is not repaid, once it enters the central bank's blacklist and becomes an "old man", it will be more troublesome. For example, there must not be the following high consumption and consumption behaviors that are not necessary for life and work:

(1) When taking transportation, choose second-class or higher cabins on airplanes, trains, and ships;

(2) High consumption in hotels, hotels, nightclubs, golf courses and other places above star level;

(3) Purchasing real estate or building, expanding, or high-end decoration houses;

(4) Lease high-end office buildings, hotels, apartments and other places for office work;

(5) Purchase vehicles that are not necessary for business operations;

(6) Travel and vacation;

(7) Children attending high-fee private schools;

(8) Paying high premiums to purchase insurance wealth management products;

(9) Other consumer behaviors that are not necessary for life and work, such as taking all seats on the G-headed EMU train, first-class seats on other EMU trains, etc.

Failure to pay back the money you owe will not only affect your own life, but will also have a bad impact on the entire family.

In order to avoid inconvenience to the lives of yourself and your family, everyone should repay on time and develop a good credit habit in order to be more convenient for others and yourself.

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