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T-POS, the best time to pay, takes the lead in innovative payment in mobile finance

In recent years, Handy Technology has continued to innovate product categories with the mission of "free payment, special convenience", and strive to make the company a technological innovation enterprise with technology center as its core competitiveness, and strive to make Handy Technology a domestic brand reputation High-tech enterprises with excellent performance in terms of market share and market share. Especially in mobile payment, not only has its own research and development of Bluetooth version and audio version of t-pos, but also will further launch related services such as WeChat payment and Alipay offline payment. afibrvgx

For example, the "Tpay" audio t-pos is a high-tech mobile financial innovative payment product developed by Hebei Handy Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It is only the size of a matchbox and has an audio plug-in. It supports both magnetic stripe cards and chip cards. And it is a wireless, purely mobile pos machine product, which is more convenient to carry. As long as you have a smart phone, plug it into the audio port and swipe it lightly, and you can move the mobile bank home and realize various daily financial payments anytime, anywhere. The t-pos Bluetooth version of Tepay is called the smallest pos machine in history. Its size is only the size of a bank card and the thickness is only 10.5mm. It can be put in a wallet and carried with you. It is not only small in size, easy to carry, and does not need to be connected to a mobile phone, it supports Bluetooth, wifi and gprs, anytime, anywhere, you can swipe it whenever you want.

Tepay also has many advantages such as convenient application, flexible rate, fast receipt, safety and stability. In terms of technological innovation, Tepay has also developed a more convenient new POS acquiring system and membership card system and a series of POS products such as mini pos, telephone pos, intelligent terminal all-in-one pos, t-pos and so on.

At present, Handy Technology has initially completed the layout of the national sales network. Tpay dealers have spread across more than 20 provinces and cities in North China, East China, South China, Northeast China, Central China, Northwest China, Southwest China, etc., and in Baoding, Tangshan, The establishment of overseas institutions in Chongqing and other places has gradually begun the road of groupization and large-scale development of Tepay.

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