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Guanglian Technology Services (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mr. Li
Contact number: 13763315511
Contact address: 2510, Building 3, First International, Nancheng District, Dongguan City
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[Life] Credit card machine (POS) fast processing, ultra-low cost!

Recharge credit card POS machines in Sichuan, quickly apply

Provide simple information and you can handle it easily and quickly! The disembarkation time is usually 3-10 working days and the disembarkation is very low.

The following materials are required to apply for the installation of the POS machine:

1) Copy of business license copy

2) Copy of tax registration certificate

3) Copy of the copy of the organization code certificate

4) Copy of bank account opening permit (for public account)

5) Copy of legal person ID

6) Official seal

Welcome to join and agent, contact number: 028-

Customer Service Manager: Mr. He qq: Telephone:

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