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The promotion of mobile payment (POS) will form a new industry chain!

Mobile mobile payment (POS machine) is an integrated application of it technology that uses advanced mobile communication technology and Internet technology, combined with the processing requirements of banking business. The innovation and promotion of this business will make my country's financial technology level. Elevate to a whole new level and have a positive impact on the development of mobile e-commerce in my country.

Industry analysts of Shangpu Consulting pointed out: The promotion of mobile payment (pos) will form a new industrial chain and create huge economic benefits for all industrial links in the industrial chain. Therefore, the country actively encourages and supports the promotion and development of this project, and the POS machine has a vast market space.

The mobile phone pos machine, that is, the mobile phone card swiping device, is similar in size to a matchbox and plugged into the earphone jack of the mobile phone. The user only needs to download the application software and complete the registration according to the prompts, and then it can be used normally. Once the user swipes the bank card on the card reader, shopping, group buying, air tickets, phone bill recharge, water, electricity and gas bills, transfers, credit card repayment can be easily realized. Payments that can be completed on the computer are now also available through mobile phones.

The functions of mobile phone pos machines mainly include consumer transactions, payment transactions, self-service payment, balance inquiry, value-added services, etc. In terms of consumer transactions, it can realize the function of mobile phone pos machine, support all UnionPay cards (including debit cards and credit cards) for swiping consumer transactions, suitable for small and medium-sized merchants to accept bank card transactions; in terms of payment transactions, it can help users complete card and card transactions. Transfer function, one machine in hand, worry-free transactions; in terms of self-service payment, it can realize personal terminal payment services such as credit card repayment, mobile phone bill payment, public utility payment, etc.; in terms of balance inquiry, it can realize what the user holds to himself or others Debit card balance inquiry function; in terms of value-added services, users can purchase air tickets, train tickets, lottery tickets, Alipay recharge, q coin recharge, online game recharge, online shopping transaction settlement and other functions in the personal terminal.

The "2014-2017 China POS Machine Industry Development Prospects and Investment Forecast Analysis Report" released by Shangpu Consulting shows that mobile payment (POS) is not limited by time or region, and the software background will be automatically upgraded regularly and will become the most mainstream of mankind. It is expected that in the next 2& mdash; 3 years, the mobile payment (pos) business will cover large, medium and small cities across the country.

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