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Be careful! Cashier POS machine will be hacked by email

Next time you use your bank card to line up at the supermarket to check out, you may have to be careful: hackers have already found a way to remotely hack the POS machine.

You must remember that most POS machines in supermarkets will have a screen to display a list of items purchased by the user. In fact, such a pos machine can actually be counted as a whole computer: it has a screen, a mainframe, a keyboard, and a more advanced mouse—— most importantly, they are all because they are obvious The reason is connected to the Internet, and we all know that none of the Internet-connected computers is safe for hackers.

Hackers infect the POS machine with a virus through the network, and the virus will search for the card number and password information of the bank card in the memory of the POS machine. Last year, the American supermarket chain homedepot and target lost nearly 100 million bank card information for this reason.

Recently, hackers have found a new way to infect pos machines: email. A virus called nitlovepos can be spread through e-mail, using the opportunity of supermarket employees to use the windows operating system POS machine to surf the Internet and check emails in their leisure time to infect the pos machine, thereby stealing bank card data and information.

Fireeye, a computer security research organization, first discovered nitlovepos. The hacker embeds the virus in the word document, and then disguises the document as a resume for the cashier position, and then sends it to the email systems of major supermarkets in large-scale groups via email. There are always casual employees who will check through the pos machine, which naturally gives the virus an opportunity.

Security researchers pointed out that supermarkets should conduct strict training and education for employees, strictly limit the use of POS machines, and do not use them for playing games, browsing the web, and sending and receiving emails to reduce the chance of being hacked.

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