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The most severe credit report in history will officially land in May!

In May, the new version of the central bank's personal credit report will be officially released, and a storm sweeping the credit reporting system and touching the Internet finance field is about to hit.

Prior to this, the new version of the Measures has entered the trial operation stage, with detailed levels and several major improvements, it has been called the "most stringent" credit report in history. Compared with the previous version of the personal credit report, the new version of the personal credit report presents nine major changes, which are closely related to users. We will sort out and analyze from three aspects:

Judging from the original credit report items, refinement has become a trend.

In terms of personal credit information, when the old version of credit investigation involves large credit installments, the installment time and amount are not displayed, and the new version will list them in detail. In terms of the length of credit investigation records, the new version of credit investigation will be extended from the original two years to five years. Accounts with bad records will show repayment records even at checkout.

Among the personal information display, the new version of the credit report will fully display information such as academic qualifications, employment, mailing address, residence information, household registration, mobile phone number, and certificate number.

From the perspective of the new content of the credit report, it has become the direction in an all-round way.

In terms of personal credit information, the old version only had records of projects such as housing loans and bank cards, while the new version included information on telecommunications, tap water, taxation, civil rulings, administrative sanctions, and subsistence allowances. In terms of assessment standards, the old version of credit investigation only records the last logged-in ID card and mobile phone number, while the new version adds passport and other document queries, including the mobile phone number reported by the system nearly 5 times. In terms of credit guarantees, users provide guarantees for others and will see the details of the guarantees in their credit reports.

From the perspective of the credit report audit mechanism, security has become the focus of attention.

The new version of the credit report will use the T+1 collection time to submit data to the credit reporting center, and the credit information of the day can be updated the next day. However, the update time of the old version is often more than one month, which causes some users to use credit jet lag to avoid risk control. In addition, in order to prevent personal information from being stolen, users can apply to add an "anti-fraud warning" to the credit report and leave a contact number to avoid the intrusion of a sudden "loan".

The new credit report also accurately prevented the false divorce of "divorce in the morning and buy a house in the afternoon". From the original man’s main loan and the woman’s credit report does not reflect debt, the husband and wife as co-borrowers both reflect debt.

Several major changes brought about by the new version of the credit investigation report have had a great impact on the users under the credit investigation system. After detailed credit projects, individuals may need more materials to prove their ability to repay;

After the content becomes more comprehensive, the user's loan approval will be strict, so it is necessary to develop a good payment habit; with the improvement of the safety factor, it will be more convenient to query personal credit information, and users will be more cautious in the face of financial risks.

After the re-implementation of the new version of the central bank's personal credit report, my country's credit system may enter a stage of rapid development, and the transformation of the credit society may accelerate.

The new version of the personal credit report may promote the healthy development of Internet finance. As early as 2019, Chen Yulu stated in an interview that Internet financial institutions will be included in the credit reporting system in the future. Industry insiders pointed out that this move will precisely crack down on malicious lending and establish an industry credit mechanism. The upgrade of personal credit reports will undoubtedly provide a key guarantee for the development of Internet financial institutions.

Affected by the epidemic last year, the non-performing rates of banks, consumer finance companies and small loan companies all showed an upward trend, and vicious incidents such as debt evasion and financial fraud occurred frequently, affecting the healthy development of the industry.

In March of this year, a new constitutional amendment stipulated that violent collection of loans has been incorporated into the criminal law, and collection of loans by violence or hard violence is a crime, and when the collection space is compressed, the existing lending institutions still maintain a healthy development focus or have changed. It is the "three loan checks" around personal credit investigation: pre-loan investigation, loan-time review, and post-loan inspection.

According to relevant media reports, in February this year, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a total of 169 fines to 54 banks, of which 60% of the fines were mainly for "loan business violations", and business violations were mainly concentrated on inaccurate loan risk classification and "three investigations". "If you fail to perform your duties, post-loan management is not in place. It can be seen that the problem of loan risk control has become the main breakthrough point for lending institutions to establish a compliant and healthy development order.

Regardless of how efficiency is improved from the level of technology, from the terminal point of view, the "three checks" will be based on user credit records. After the comprehensive, meticulous, and safe new version of the personal credit investigation system of the central bank is implemented, the intelligent risk control will undoubtedly be completely upgraded, and the Internet finance field will also usher in far-reaching benefits.

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