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ICBC adjusted the star rating standards for individual customers. See how many stars do you have?

On April 26, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China issued a notice on adjusting the star rating standards for individual customers.

Compared with the bank’s previous public information, it is found that the “private bank level” has been added to the client’s star rating and the asset standard has been clarified-monthly average financial assets of more than 8 million yuan. In addition, a "two-star" has been added.

Clear grading standards

Judging from the announcement, ICBC's star rating standards for individual customers are very clear. Personal customers are divided into 8 categories from high to low: private bank, seven-star, six-star, five-star, four-star, three-star, two-star, and quasi-star.

If the client's daily average financial assets have not reached the corresponding standard for the star rating for 6 consecutive months, the star rating will be downgraded. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China stated that it will implement a new star rating standard for domestic individual customers from May 2021.

According to the information on the official website, the bank previously divided personal customers into six categories, from high to low: seven-star customers, six-star customers, five-star customers, four-star customers, three-star customers, and prospective customers. Star customers. Customers with a star point value of zero will not participate in star rating.

It is worth noting that in the above-mentioned new evaluation standards, the financial assets included in the scope of star evaluation include the total market value of customers’ domestic and foreign currency deposits in ICBC, as well as wealth management, funds, insurance, government bonds, third-party depository, and account transaction assets. .

ICBC once issued the "Notice on Implementing Star-rated Services for Individual Customers" on its official website on September 28, 2010. At that time, the services included in the scope of star-rating included: personal deposits, personal loans, investment and wealth management (including funds, wealth management products, National debt, insurance, foreign exchange, gold, etc.), credit card consumption, remittance, and remote deposit and withdrawal, etc. After comparison, it is found that the new standard excludes personal loans, credit card consumption, remittances and deposits in other places.

It is reported that the star-rated service for individual customers is a new service system launched by the bank to improve its service level. Different star-rated customers enjoy exclusive series of services in various aspects such as handling fee discounts and VIP channels. The higher the star rating, the more rewards such as discounts and value-added services will be enjoyed.

Taking personal cash inter-bank remittance as an example, in accordance with the bank's 2017 version of the service price list standard, each remittance charges a handling fee of 0.5% of the remittance amount, up to 50 yuan per transaction. The maximum fee for five-star customers is 25 yuan per transaction, and the handling fee for customers above six-star is 15 yuan per transaction.

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