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It's overdue and saved! Development and Reform Commission "Credit Repair Management Measures (Trial)" is here

In order to standardize the credit restoration of untrustworthy information, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of credit subjects, further enhance the legalization of the construction of the social credit system, and further enhance the legalization and standardization of the construction of the social credit system, the National Development and Reform Commission recently drafted the "Credit Repair Management Measures (" (Trial) (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)", now open to the public for comments.

On the basis of existing practices, the "Measures" have improved and innovated the credit restoration system, which mainly contains 7 parts and a total of 41 articles.

The main method of credit repair. The term “credit repair” as mentioned in these Measures refers to the credit entities that actively improve their own credit status, after rectifying and correcting untrustworthy behaviors and eliminating the adverse effects, they submit untrustworthy information to the unit that determines untrustworthy information (hereinafter referred to as the “identified unit”) or collect untrustworthy information. The operating agency of the credit platform website (hereinafter referred to as the "collection agency") submits an application, and the identification unit or the collection agency shall remove the credit subject from the list of severely dishonest subjects in accordance with relevant regulations, terminate the disclosure of untrustworthy information, and mark, block or delete untrustworthy Information and other acts.

The information on the list of severely dishonest subjects will be kept in credit information sharing platforms at all levels for 10 years from the date of removal from the list. If there is no dishonest behavior within 10 years, it should be blocked or deleted; if dishonest behavior occurs again within 10 years, the information will be kept The deadline is recalculated.

The administrative punishment information of legal persons and unincorporated organizations is divided into information involving minor dishonesty behavior and information involving serious dishonesty behavior according to the severity of the dishonesty behavior.

Information on administrative penalties involving serious untrustworthy conduct includes:

(1) The license has been temporarily detained or revoked;

(2) Those who have been lowered their qualification level, restricted their production and business activities, or restricted their employment;

(3) Those who are ordered to suspend production and business, or are ordered to close down;

(4) Those who have been fined more than 1 million yuan. Other administrative punishment information belongs to information involving minor dishonesty behaviors.

If a credit entity submits an application for terminating the disclosure of administrative penalty information to the collection agency, it must submit the following materials:

(1) An opinion issued by the acknowledgment unit stating that the responsibilities and obligations specified in the administrative penalty decision have been fulfilled. If it is not possible to issue an opinion, it shall provide other materials that can explain that the relevant responsibilities and obligations have been fulfilled; (2) Letter of Credit Repair Commitment.

The following is the full text (draft for comments)

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