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What is the difference between the second-generation credit information system?

On January 19, 2020, the central bank's second-generation credit information system was officially launched, and all sectors will be converted in May this year. The second-generation credit reporting system is called "the most stringent credit reporting system in history". What is the difference?

On May 7, the editor conducted an inquiry on the personal credit report self-service inquiry machine of a bank branch. Put the ID card in the induction area of ​​the inquiry machine, take a photo on the spot and compare the facial information, enter the phone number according to the prompts and click print to get a personal credit report. The whole process takes less than 1 minute.

From the "detailed version" of the personal credit report obtained, there are five contents, including basic personal information, information summary, credit transaction information details, public information details, and query records.

It is worth noting that the new version of the credit report is very comprehensive in personal information records. In addition to basic identity information (such as name, date of birth, ID card and marital status), it also fully displays academic information, employment status, work unit and contact phone number, and also records changes in personal residence information in the past few years.

It is understood that the old version of the credit investigation only retains the credit investigation records of the past two years, and the new version of the credit investigation report extends the repayment record to 5 years. Even if the account is cancelled, there will be a record, which also makes financial institutions more stringent in the approval of user loans.

At the same time, the new version of the credit report will also reflect the personal credit card situation, whether there is a repayment history this month, if there is overdue, the number of overdue days is within 30 days or more than half a year, the report will list in detail.

The payment information for telecommunications and water services has not yet been displayed

According to previous media reports, in the new version of the credit investigation, information such as telecommunications, water service payment, tax arrears, civil rulings, enforcement, administrative sanctions, subsistence allowances, professional qualifications and administrative rewards are recorded.

The personal credit report obtained by the editor, telecommunications, tap water payment and other information has not yet been displayed, but the repayment status of telecommunications services is divided in detail in the compilation description column, including "service has been activated but no payment is required this month", "normal" ”, “Arrears exceeding the grace period for less than one month”, “normal account cancellation” and other different situations. The payment habit may reflect the customer's willingness to repay from the side.

In addition, the new version of credit investigation requires institutions to submit data to the credit investigation center when collecting T+1, and information updates become more timely. In the past, it was no longer feasible to take advantage of the slow time interval in bank credit updates, and to delay repayment or even parallel loans.

Will show "joint debt", false divorce will not work

What everyone discusses the most about the new version of the credit report is the containment of "fake divorce buying houses". In the old version of the credit investigation, both husband and wife repaid the loan together, while the man borrowed the loan, while the debt was not reflected in the woman's credit investigation. In the new version of the credit investigation, both spouses are co-borrowers, and both credit investigations reflect liabilities. Even if divorced, the non-primary lender buys a house again as a house with a loan, and cannot enjoy the "low down payment" of the first house and other benefits. Those who want to buy a house through a "fake divorce" will no longer work.

At the same time, for a large amount of special installment payment information, such as parking space loans and decoration loans, the new version of the credit report will reflect the time and amount of installment payments in more detail. Therefore, if you have already made a large payment, you need to provide more materials to prove your repayment ability.

How to check personal credit?

Currently, inquiries about personal credit information can be conducted online or offline in a variety of ways.

Online: You can inquire on the official website of the Credit Information Center of the People's Bank of China. Generally, you can get it the next day after successful inquiries, and you can get it on the fastest day; you can also inquire through commercial bank online banking or mobile banking App. Up to now, 12 banks have opened online banking personal credit report inquiry services. Mobile banking apps such as ICBC, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, CITIC, China Everbright, China Guangfa, and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank can check personal credit reports.

Offline method: The People's Bank of China provides more than 7000 self-service inquiry machines for inquiry through branch inquiry points and some commercial bank outlets. I can bring my ID card to the personal credit report self-service inquiry office for inquiries.

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