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Can the credit card 0 bill be increased?

In order to increase the amount, many cardholders want to reduce their debts and choose to repay early. The monthly credit card bill is 0. Do you know what it means to have a credit card bill of 0? Is credit card 0 bill good?

What is a zero bill?

Generally, it means that after the cardholder uses the credit card for consumption, before the credit card billing day, all the credit card arrears are paid off in one lump sum, so that the amount payable on the credit card bill is 0, which can reduce their debts and achieve the increase. Is the effect of credit card zero bill really good?

The meaning of debt ratio

The debt ratio is the ratio of the used line to the total credit line. For example, if the total credit is 10,000 and 5,000 has been used, the debt ratio of the personal letter is 50%.

What is the role of 0 bills?

The credit card bill is 0, that is, the repayment amount of the current period is 0.

In order to achieve zero bills, there are two situations, one is that there is no consumption, and the other is to repay the arrears before the billing date, so the arrears are displayed as 0 yuan when the bill is issued.

Card friends who have seen the personal credit report must know that in your personal credit report, the consumption and repayment of your credit card will be recorded in detail, as well as the amount.

Some people think that if the bill is zero, the debt ratio can be reduced. After all, many banks value debt. Long-term debt ratios are high. Large overdraft credit cards are easily identified by banks as high-risk users.

The reason for the low debt ratio is usually to apply for a card or apply for a loan. In the eyes of most people, if the personal debt ratio is high, the loan application and card application are deductions.

In fact, zero credit card bills generally seem to be no problem. Banks do value debt. This is only one dimension of bank review. As for whether it can be downloaded, it depends on your other hardware.

Pros and cons of 0 bills

[Benefits of 0 bills]

1. Easy to handle bank credit business

The credit card review department will think that you have a low risk of overdue. Credit card 0 bills can reduce the debt ratio, after all, the bill amount means that you have no debt.

And everyone knows that when handling bank credit business, the debt ratio is also one of the key factors that banks consider. A low debt ratio is often easier to add points than a high debt ratio.

2. Able to reduce debt ratio

The credit report is good-looking, which is conducive to applying for a mortgage and car loan.

3. Avoid overdue

Repayment in advance, some banks will think that you are a good customer, and the bill has been paid off a few days ago, so there is no need to worry about overdue.

[Disadvantages of 0 bills]

1. Abnormal card

If the zero bill is used improperly, often or continuously, the bank will easily find that your card usage is abnormal through big data, and the bank may derate and block the card at that time.

2. Increase repayment pressure

Credit cards can provide interest-free periods and bill installments. This is to reduce the financial pressure of cardholders. If you make a zero bill, you must pay back the entire amount of consumption after the bill is released. The interest-free period is wasted and it has increased. Repayment pressure. This undoubtedly reduces the utilization rate of funds and greatly increases costs.

3. Waste of credit line

Now that the bank approves card withdrawals, the key is still to look at the total credit line and card usage. Zero bills only reduce the debt, and the comprehensive credit has not changed.

In fact, the purpose of the zero-bill operation is not to increase the amount, but to reduce the debt amount and debt ratio of the credit card bill on the credit investigation. As for whether the amount is increased or not, it is not necessarily related to the zero bill.

After reading the pros and cons of zero billing, how would you weigh it? All in all, the method that suits you is the best, don't blindly follow suit.

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